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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
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Forum: Interface Requests (L)Killboro
Yesterday 08:13 AM
by Killboro
Audio Cues in LotRO Plugins
04-10-2015 12:02 PM
by Artoo
Request: Durin's folk map and Palantir vitals
Forum: Interface Requests (L)Sahib12
03-26-2015 08:30 PM
by Sahib12
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by Raebidus
(DDO) Update 25 Release Notes, 6 April 2015
Apr 06, 2015 - 3:19 PM - by Cairenn
Of Special Note:

Temple of Elemental Evil!
Explore the classic Temple of Elemental Evil! Featuring the voice of actor/writer Wil Wheaton, this new adventure pack (FREE to VIPs) offers both Heroic and Epic level versions. The NPCs that bestow and take adventurers to the Temple of Elemental Evil can be found in the Stormreach or Eveningstar Hall of Heroes in addition to the Hall of Heroes passport available from the Character Selection screen.
New Monster Manual!
A new volume of the Monster Manual is available in the DDO Store (free to VIPs)! Slay monsters anywhere in DDO and earn cool rewards, such as D&D monster art and cosmetic pets! This is the last Monster Manual edition to feature Astral Shards, so get it today – the next edition of Monster Manual will offer a different type of reward!
  • Resetting Enhancements and Epic Destiny trees may now take slightly longer to improve server performance.
  • Up to twelve maps are now visible at a time if you've unlocked their associated "Fog of War."
  • Fixed an issue with mouselook mode that could cause confirmation dialogs to become unclickable.

Source and full patch notes
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(LotRO) Update 15.3 Release Notes, 30 Mar 2015
Mar 30, 2015 - 2:17 PM - by Cairenn
  • You can now alt-click to select, and double/right-click to equip items in the "Legendary Items" panel.
  • The OSX Launcher will no longer download all the splash screens every time you start it. It does make an HTTP request for each splash screen to see if you have the most recent one on disk each time.
  • Morskor in Barad Guldur will no longer become invisible every time he takes flight.
  • The player music system has been spruced up a bit. There are new sounds for the bagpipe, clarinet, flute, horn, lute, pibgorn, and theorbo. We will continue to gather feedback on this system and make any needed adjustments.
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(LotRO) Update 15.2 Release Notes, 04 Feb 2015
Feb 04, 2015 - 3:05 PM - by Cairenn
Of Special Note

New Roving Threats
  • As the War of the Ring intensifies, new threats have come to Middle-earth! Powerful servants of the Enemy can now be found in Angmar, Forochel, Western Gondor, and the Misty Mountains. For those bold enough to stand against these foes, new and unique rewards can be obtained by claiming the brands they bear.
    • Note: The existing Roving Threats of Central Gondor will also drop these brands.
    • Roving threats: Weapon rewards received via barter are now bind on Acquire.
Release Notes
  • The Full Screen checkbox in Graphics Options has been replaced by the Screen Mode dropdown, from which you can select Windowed, Full Screen, and, in Windows builds, Full Screen (Windowed). The latter option runs the game in a borderless window at desktop resolution.
  • A Reflecting Pool for Central Gondor can now be found in the town of Linhir, and it contains several instances from the region as well as 'Even In Darkness.
  • Some phantom mapnotes have been removed in order to cut down on confusion. Nothing to see here!
  • Mathoms and Well-kept Mathoms can now be used at level 20 and higher.
  • Players who are sitting, lying down, or fainted will no longer stand up upon entering AFK state.
  • Pets should no longer attempt to engage enemies that attacked you while you were mounted but which are now long gone.
  • A New Reflecting Pool for West Gondor added to the Court of the Prince in Dol Amroth Many instances added to the West Gondor Reflecting Pools found near Morlad and in Dol Amroth
  • When accepting quests, there's a new indicator that shows you when the quest being picked up is repeatable.
  • Dead Marshes - Warband: The Lone Hunter - Sorzur is easier to defeat solo now
  • Southern Bree-fields - Quest: Rogue's Gallery - Brigand's note no longer goes to Pending Loot
  • Archet - Intro: The Wolves of the Ruins - Blackwold Wolf-Master no longer freezes if you try talking to him before he finishes his drama
  • Ered Luin: Gondamon - Kolskegg the Healer is now Pall the Healer as to be confused with Kolskegg Gemcounter.
  • Lone-lands - Quest: Iron-jaws / Deed: Warg Slayer - A couple of warg dens have been added to the Lonelands to make finding wargs easier
  • Moria Instance: Greet the Sun - You can't go outside until after you talk to Svanr now
  • Located a possible culprit for unexpected shallow-water dismounts. Please continue to inform us of situations/locations where you were improperly dismounted from a Warsteed or regular Mount -- but hopefully now you won't have to!
  • Skirmish-specific stat breakdowns on the Skirmish Panel are sorted alphabetically by Skirmish name rather than randomly.
  • Additional physics work for Captain Noreth, who should now be even less likely to fall through her boat.
  • Inspired Greatness could stack a lot of icons for I.4.5, but now they will be limited to just the icons there should be.
  • Several of the NPCs in Tur Morva were mistaking Beornings for Hobbits. They've been given some instructional charts and diagrams and should now be able to tell the difference. The hairy toes were throwing them off.
  • Some NPCs had animation errors in the 'Hatred of Bear and Man' instance, but now they should display properly.
  • Some of Legolas's lines were getting lost during 'Sons of Leaf and Stone' and will now display properly.
  • The Clan Hunters around Aughaire were confused and believed they could drop pages for Beorning class books. They have been told otherwise, and they (and you!) should now be less confused.
  • The textures for the Suitable Tinder in Volume IV, Book 2 have been cleaned up.
  • An issue with secondary map flags doubling up has been addressed
  • Characters who failed the "Celebrating Sunshine" deed before it was hotfixed can now earn the "Sunshine" title.
  • Players who used Gift of the Valar can now pick up the quest "A Tortured Mind" in the Entwash Vale
  • The War-steed Cosmetic Set - Wintry Yule Appearance item is once again usable even if you already have the caparison trait.
  • The name of the alert that informs you of new Epic Battle cashout loot no longer mentions "Helm's Deep"
  • Fixed an issue where class specific essences could benefit any class. These essences will now only apply their benefits if you are the listed class.
Source and full patch notes
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Happy Holidays!
Dec 22, 2014 - 10:16 PM - by Cairenn
From Dolby and I and all of our volunteers, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday season and that your new year is filled with peace and joy.

*Please note that due to the holidays, approval of addons or responses to messages may be slower than usual as everyone will be spending time celebrating the season with family and friends.
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(DDO) Update 24 Release Notes: Heart of Madness
Dec 11, 2014 - 11:02 AM - by Cairenn
Of Special Note:

New Quests
  • A new adventure pack is now available that continues the Xoriat story line in DDO!
  • A new free quest is now available that is linked to the Tyranny of Dragons story line!
Mirror of Glamering: Weapons and Auras
  • Weapons can now be created using the Mirror of Glamering! NOTE: The item from which the cosmetic copy is being made from is not consumed, nor altered. The created cosmetic item is Bound to Account. Items which have special racial requirements will create a cosmetic item with the same racial requirements. Items that appear and remain in the quest upon exit cannot be Glamered. The Mirror of Glamering can be purchased in the DDO Store, and can also rarely appear in Daily Dice.
  • The Mirror of Glamering will make a copy of the base look of a weapon, and will retain the weapon's particle effects (such as flaming.)
  • The weapon cosmetic will only display on your character when you are wielding a weapon with the same combat style. The current combat styles are one-handed, two-handed, quarterstaff, great axe, crossbow, repeating crossbow, bow, rune arm, orb, and shield-only. Handwraps, and thrown weapons are not able to be made into cosmetics.
  • A Glamered Weapon Aura can be used to create a cosmetic "look" on a weapon (such as flaming.) An Aura recipe also exists that allows someone to remove the visual effect of their weapon (such as flaming.) Glamered Weapon Auras do not function on bows, crossbows, or repeating crossbows.
  • The Social panel now defaults to the Guild tab after initial login.
  • The Looking For Group panel now loads groups upon initial open.
  • Doubleshot and Healing Amplification have now been added to the Character Sheet.
  • Players can now trade multiple items at a time when using a Barter UI. For example, players can now turn in multiple Treasure Map Pieces during the Crystal Cove event, or craft multiple items using the Cannith Crafting system. There is a new UI in the Barter UI that allows a player to enter how many times to trade the required ingredients. This trade can be stopped in-progress by pressing the "X" button located near the Amount UI.
  • Fixed an issue that obscured the complete description of Epic Past Life and Iconic Past Life feats in the Reincarnation panel.
Source and Full Patch Notes
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(LotRO) Update 15: Gondor Aflame - Now Available
12-11-2014 10:58 AM
12-11-2014 10:58 AM
by Cairenn
0 1,876
ESOUI Now Open!
02-15-2014 10:39 AM
02-15-2014 10:39 AM
by Cairenn
0 6,274
In memory of Judy Freeman
01-31-2014 04:33 PM
01-31-2014 04:33 PM
by Cairenn
0 5,723
LotRO: Update 12.2 Release Notes
01-22-2014 07:59 PM
01-22-2014 07:59 PM
by Cairenn
0 8,807
Happy Holidays!
12-23-2013 12:30 PM
12-23-2013 12:30 PM
by Cairenn
0 7,721
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