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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
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[Request] Fellowship maneuvers timer
09-28-2015 02:54 PM
by Thurallor
16.5, now in beta on Bullroarer, has one Lua...
09-26-2015 06:17 AM
by magill
OK so.... help me?
09-25-2015 02:34 AM
by Emie937
A small issue...
09-24-2015 10:17 PM
by Adra
I'm new... :)
Forum: Interface Requests (L)Emie937
09-20-2015 11:00 PM
by Emie937
"This site contains malware"
Forum: Chit ChatThurallor
09-16-2015 06:24 AM
by Cairenn
(LotRO) Update 16.5 Release Notes, 30 Sept 2015
Sep 30, 2015 - 2:39 PM - by Cairenn
  • The Store Town Services (Auction, Mailbox, Legendary Item, Repair & Sell, and Vault services) now last 6 hours, instead of 1 hour.
  • Partially-opened package items will now automatically bind to the character who has opened them.
  • The Mysterious Pie from the Farmer's Festival will now be removed from your inventory a few minutes after the related quest ends, if the quest doesn't properly remove it.
  • If you multi-use a rep-granting item as your first interaction with the particilar faction, you used to be able to use more rep items than needed to max out the faction. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where after transferring servers some players would not be able to use the /reclaim command for a long time.
  • The entrance to Haudh Nogbenn should no longer be found floating above the ground.
  • You can no longer dye shields in the wardrobe.
  • Beornings in bear form will no longer select themselves by clicking on their bear avatar with the mouse.
  • The Beorning intro movie can now be seen from the Movie Library (at login screen).
  • In rare cases, players could end up with their inventory not working correctly. These characters should now be fixed.
  • Lua - Turbine.UI.Display methods that return the screen width/height should now return the correct values for Full Screen(Windowed) mode
0 Replies | 249 Views
(DDo) Update 28, Devil's Gambit, release notes, 24 Sept 2015
Sep 24, 2015 - 1:32 PM - by Cairenn
Of Special Note:

Thwart the plans of the Devil General in our newest Adventure Pack "The Devil's Gambit"! Defend Stormreach's centers of magical power from destruction at the hands of a Green Slaad in all new quests!

Available for level 14 Heroic and Level 30 Epic! An NPC to teleport characters to three of the quests, and an NPC for a fourth quest, can be found in the Eberron Hall of Heroes.

This adventure pack is free to VIPs!

See what else is new to DDO with Update 28 in the DDO Store by clicking here!

  • Fixed an issue that caused the mouse wheel to get stuck in First-Person View when interacting with a bag.
  • Poison Resistance is now listed correctly in the combat chat log.
Source and full patch notes.
0 Replies | 469 Views
(LotRO) Update 16.4 Release Notes
Aug 20, 2015 - 1:42 AM - by Cairenn
  • The Osgiliath Song-protector's Armour Piercing Cry cooldown reduction set bonus no longer stacks with the Hytbold Skald or Lesser Skjald of the West sets.
  • Upon logging in, players should receive their World Consolidation Giftboxes.
Cosmetic Weapons
  • Players should no longer be able to see two overlapping shields after performing an emote.
  • Cosmetic items should now reappear properly after performing an emote.
  • Burglar cosmetic weapons should no longer stay appear stealthed in combat.
  • Two-handed weapons should no longer disappear after dismounting a horse.
0 Replies | 891 Views
(LotRO) Update 16.3 Release Notes, 3 Aug 2015
Aug 03, 2015 - 4:33 PM - by Cairenn
New FeaturesPvMP
  • PDFW potions no longer have a 1 second cooldown.
  • Sundering of Osgiliath - Stealth skills have been disabled while inside the enemy courtyard.
  • Sundering of Osgiliath - Quest deeds can now be completed.
  • Sundering of Osgiliath - Quest: Hunting for Heads - quest now increments on defeat of any type of captain
  • Sundering of Osgiliath - Quest: The Ornendil Bridge Belongs to Mordor - quest now progresses properly when on the bridge
Quest and Instances
  • Sunken Labyrinth - Dagron boss changes: Charge now has a longer cooldown and does less damage. Poison Breath does less damage and won't hit a player multiple times during the same attack.
  • Festivals - Fixed a bug where festival display horses could disappear.
  • World Transfers - Premium and VIP players have been awarded 2 extra character slots
0 Replies | 1,225 Views
(DDO) Update 26, Trials of the Archons release notes, 27 July 2015
Jul 27, 2015 - 5:33 PM - by Cairenn
Of Special Note:

Form an alliance with powerful celestial beings known as the Archons in our newest Adventure Pack "Trials of the Archons"! Experience brand new quests and an all new raid in the plane of eternal battle, Shavarath! Can you earn the respect and trust of the Archons to help combat the schemes of the Pit Fiend Arraetrikos?

Available for level 13 Heroic and Level 30 Epic! The quest-givers are located in Amrath, which can be accessed from the Tower of the Twelve or the Shavarath Planescaller in the Eberron Hall of Heroes.

This adventure pack is free to VIPs!

See what else is new to DDO with Update 27 in the DDO Store by clicking here!

  • The Full Screen check box in the Graphics Options has been replaced by a Screen Mode drop-down menu, from which you can select Windowed, Full Screen, and (in Windows) Full Screen (Windowed), which runs the game in a borderless window at desktop resolution.
  • There is now an option under UI Settings to show a "stand your ground" banner for hirelings and class pets.
  • There is now an NPC in the Hall of Heroes and on guild airships that allow a character to temporarily suspend their Bravery Bonus. This is a toggle, and will remain in effect until toggled again by speaking to the NPC. The Bravery Bonus will not reset nor increment when suspended.
  • There is now a Search box and a "Show All" button at the top of the Options Panel, allowing you to show only options matching particular text.
Source and full patch notes.
0 Replies | 997 Views
Title, Username, & Date Last Post Replies Views
(LotRO) Update 16.2 Release Notes, 20 July 2015
07-20-2015 01:56 PM
07-20-2015 01:56 PM
by Cairenn
0 1,747
(DDO) Update 26, Warlock's Legacy, release notes, 18 June 2015
06-18-2015 11:23 PM
06-18-2015 11:23 PM
by Cairenn
0 1,847
(LotRO) Update 16.1 Release Notes, 5 June 2015
06-08-2015 01:53 PM
06-08-2015 01:53 PM
by Cairenn
0 2,280
(LotRO) Update 16: Ashes of Osgiliath Official Release Notes, 01 May 2015
05-04-2015 01:50 PM
05-04-2015 01:50 PM
by Cairenn
0 3,051
(DDO) Update 25 Release Notes, 6 April 2015
04-06-2015 03:19 PM
04-06-2015 03:19 PM
by Cairenn
0 2,945
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