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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
Default UI Walkthrough, page 2
Default UI Walk-through (Page 2)

The second tab is the “Combat” log. This is where all information about fights goes. The damage done to you by the monster and that you do to the monster. Also information about anyone else in your group or raid, depending on the filters you set.

8. The final default tab is an “IM” chat log. This is for direct, private, one-on-one talk between you and some other specific person. You may know them as “whispers” or “tells” or some such from another game. Turbine has given them their own special window as a default, with the ability to track different conversations and just click on a name to talk to them directly from that window. You can choose to turn it off and have these conversations go to another chat window if you wish, but then you lose the handy list and click-to-respond option.

Now we move to the bar that is across the bottom of your screen.

Click image for full-sized view.

9. The first icon on the bar (far left) is the Main Menu toggle.

You can bring up this menu by either clicking on that first icon, or toggle it using the “escape” key (default setting, you can change it). It has 5 buttons:

a. The first button on the Main Menu is the “Help” window:
1) You can search Turbine’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
2) Send a “Ticket” – a help request sent to a GM (Game Master)
3) Track a Ticket – see where it is in the queue, get an idea of when you’ll hear from a GM
4) Report a bug – send a report to Turbine about a bug (error, not insect ) that you’ve found in the game. This window may or may not be there when the game goes “Live”.
b. The next button is the “Options” button. When you press it, you get 11 more choices:
1) Graphics.
2) Advanced Graphics
3) Audio
4) UI Settings
5) Combat Options
6) Social Options
7) Chat
8) QuickSlots
9) Mouse
10) Key Mapping
11) Troubleshoot
c. Logout [Name] – logout to the character select screen to change characters.
d. Exit – leave the game completely.
e. Return To Game – continue playing (you can also just press the esc key again).
10. The next icon is the Crafting Panel toggle (you may know this by other names from other games – “Tradeskills” for example). The default keybinding for Crafting is T.

There are three tabs, one for each crafting skill you have. They will show what “recipes” you know, how far advanced you are in your ability to do each craft, etc. You do not start with a crafting skill, you gain the ability to choose and train in a craft later on in the game. Turbine discusses Crafting in this article, as well as here and here.

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