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Name: PrimePlugin   Popular!
Date: 06-30-2020 07:24 PM
Size: 5.31 MB
Version: 6.23
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PrimePlugin RaidTools

This plugin contains many helpful tools for raiding, but also helpful features for things other than raiding.


Combat Timer:
A lightweight combat timer that remembers your 3 last fight durations. It shows your current in-combat time in bigger moveable window for ease of use.

Chat alerts:
Certain phrases from enemies trigger alerts in the middle of your screen to help you to notice certain mechanics. Possibility to add your own alerts.

A pull timer. When your party leader writes countdown x in party chat a countdown from x to go will start on the middle of your screen.

Effect alerts:
Certain effects cast on you trigger alerts to help you deal with certain mechanics. There are two different alerts, on you and on the party. Alerts on your are bigger and will only show the most recent alert. The alerts on the group (including you) are smaller and will stack with eachother.

A group leader can put notes in this window to help you remember certain things like DNF orders or reminders of mechanics in a fight.

Boss CD timers:
Certain mechanics from bosses are timed in this window to help you plan the fight

Skill timers
Major cooldowns from your fellowship/raid members appear in this window (Excluding dps), helpful for support roles. Like captain rezzes, Last stand, bubbles, fates etc. Allows expansion through options.

Loot tracker
Tracks Mithril chests and T3 from instances and T1/T2/T3 chests from remmorchant on characters so you can view all your account locks on any character. Can add your own chests to the tracking

Skill tracker
Tracks if certain skills are up so you do not forget to use them.

Skill Cooldown Bars
Construct your own bars that will show the cd of a skill in numbers since somehow this game doesn't have this?!

Dungeon Log
Find all mechanics and loot from certain instances. It is not very complete or elaborate if you want to help improve this you can contact me.

DNF tracker
Will tell you in the same place as group alerts if someone that died had a dnf so you do not waste rezzes. (Sadly cannot get source blame SSG)

The party leader is able start a ready check and everyone with the plugin will get a popup message for a ready check. Everyone in the raid can see who is ready, who declined and who didn't respond. It will also try to show the scrop state of the group but this works pretty bad due to the garbage LUA API -> Blame SSG

A very simple swappy warner that will show a message in your screen if you have a swappy equipped.

Shows certain effects on your target as well as group dps and % morale. Disabled in groups bigger than 3 to reduce performance impact because the LUA API is garbage and will not allow a performance friendly way to track effects.

Stat window
Tracks certain stats about your account and characters because why not

Barrage warner
Warns if someone uses steadfast barrage on you with an alert shaming them

Get greeted everytime you log in so the plugin can turn that frown upside down

Most window size options / enabling or disabling of windows are found in the /plugins manager options tab
The options button from the plugin itself can be found by default in the bottom left (can be moved by holding down the mousebutton). Here you can access other features as well as the master options window where you can add your own alerts.
Important note: if you want to move windows around use either /prime move or options button (bottom left) > move windows

/prime help: Brings up this help message
/prime reload: Reloads the plugin
/prime move: Unlocks all windows
/prime lock: Locks all windows
/prime loot: Opens/Closes the lootlock window
/prime dungeon: Opens/Closes the dungeon log
/prime party: Opens party window
/prime reset: Resets settings to default
/prime clear: Clears the UI
/prime ready: Get the readycheck button
/prime soundtest: plays a soundeffect
/prime noteClear: clear the contents of the note window
/prime time: PRIMETIME BABY
/prime AddSwap <SwapName>: Adds SwapName to the swapwarner
/prime RemoveSwap <SwapName>: Removes SwapName to the swapwarner
/prime ListSwaps: List all current swaps tracked by the swap warner
/prime ListEquipment: Lists all currently equipped equipment

Group Commands: (Useable by the party leader)
noteAdd <text>: Adds notes to the notewindow of the raid
noteClear: Clears the noteWindow
Force Reload: Reloads every plugin in the raid
Initiate Readycheck: Start the improved readycheck
countdown x: Starts a countdown from x

Do not hesitate to contact @Rolo#1097 me if you have any feedback on anything about the plugin.

Important Note
The plugin could have been a lot better if SSG would improve their pisspoor LUA API to not be half broken, have shit performance and missing loads of features. If you want to be a great help to everyone who makes plugins go complain to SSG to improve their API.


Fixed skill overlays
Fixed reloading issue for instances
Fixed some issues with timers in certain situations
Removed some leftover debug print

Reduced updating load of timers and alerts
Changed GC behaviour of the targetwindow
Changed some colours because I felt like changing colours somewhere
Changed global variable calls to local calls wherever possible
Added option to show all effects on targetwindow

Further performance changes to the targetwindow
Targetwindow options now work, who would have thought mindlessly copying code was bad huh
Optionsbutton now contains options to clear skill timers and clear the countdown
Readycheck window now does not show scrope status since it does not work anyway
Fixed errors when adding effects to the target window
Alerts are now sorted by duration and will resort themselves when one expires or gets added
If more than 15 (default) alerts are present the 15 alerts with lowest duration will be shown all others will be on on top of eachother at the top of the list
Fixed a ton of memory leaks
Group metadata is now handled more data friendly
Fixed combat timer showing too many decimals in its memory
New default values for the boss cd window
Skill timers now show their current values in options again
Changing the size of the alerts window will now scale correctly
Added alerts position to options so you can find it incase changing the height made it go off screen
Resorting of boss CDs should now be more efficient and use correct sizes
Sorting of timers on targetwindow should now be more robust
Sorting skilltimers is now done more efficiently
Moved shadow king alert to a timer and gave the chat message an alert and timer too (This can lead to double timers but will always catch the aoe cd)
Added The Rift of Nrz Ghshu alerts and timers
Added alerts to Dr Narbugud
The plugin now detects if enter a handful of raids, functionality to be extended in the future
Seperate skill reminders now have better cd visualisation

Combat effect tracking now works again
/prime reset now works again
Performance changes to the target window
Performance & UI changes to timers
Countdowns persist through reloads

Removed tracking damage dealt and healing so it plays nice when you have CA up and running too

Recording some basic stats
Added options to Skill timers, Effect alerts, Chat alerts and loot locks to customise your own alerts, timers and chests

If targetwindow is enbaled it will now auto disable when you enter a group bigger than 3
Added action skill bar cooldowns bar with options naming blablabla
Can now move windows if the target window is disabled

Option to disable effect tracking on the target window (It is now disabled by default)
Performance updates on effect tracking of the target window

Timer for shadowed king aoe
Target window now shows inc damage debuff and inc damage buff on the shadowed king fight

Better tracking of buffs without durations
Added enabling/disabling of target window to target window options
Added changing of height and width of target window to target window options
Added shadowed king's T3+ chest to loot tracking since SSG changed their naming scheme again
Further performance tweaks to the target window

T3 loot is not mistakenly labelled as T2 loot
Small changes to a number of effect alerts
Effect alerts can now use their own effect icon in addition to no icon or standard icon
Some broken test options buttons now work again
Auto reload on adding/removing swappies
Changed skill window around
Performance upgrades for effect alerts
Performance upgrades for the ready check window and button
Performance upgrades for any object that was updated
Moved toggle enabling disabling windows to its own menu within the options menu
Added target effect tracker that will track a certain set of debuffs (so you dont have to turn effects on), it will also track the target's % morale and dps on your target. Last 6 combats are saved (longer than 10 seconds and more than 10k DPS) and can be viewed by clicking on the targetwindow
Target options window to add/remove effects from tracking. Can be found options button > toggle menu > Target window options
Currently tracked effects of the target window:
-- Raid effects
Pained Determination -- Shelob
Impenetrable Webs -- Shelob (with stack count)
Blood-Infused - -- Rukhor (with stack count)
Penetrated Shell -- Thossulun +50% inc damage
Elusive -- Sideboss
-- Freep effects
Ancient Craft
Oathbreaker's Shame
Oaths fulfilled
Knives out
Last Stand
-- Incoming healing debuffs
Grievous Wounds
Festering Wound -- VT inc heal debuff
Subtle Stab
-- CC immunities
Daze and Stun Immunity
Root Immunity
Fear Immunity
Temporary State Immunity
Continuous Blood Rage
Tactically Sound
-- Creep effects
Moving Target
Steadfast Barrage (moving only)
Currently tracked class effects: (These will only show if you are on a specific class)
Armour Crush
Debilitating Bees
Armour Rend -- Pet debuff
Shatter Arms
Ranged Critical Chance
Nature's Light
Benediction of the Raven
Charged Air -- Air lore
Writ of Lightning
Do Not Fall Today
Low Bleed - Quick Sweep
Medium Bleed - Quick Sweep
Marked Target
Diminished Target
Hampering Javelin
Hindering Shot

Added swap warner, add your swap names to get an alert if you have your swap weapon equipped
New commands: (Remember to use them type: /prime <command>)
* AddSwap <name> - Adds the name of a swap item to the plugin
* RemoveSwap <name> - Removes the name of a swap item to the plugin
* ListEquipment - Lists the names of all your currently equipped gear
* ListSwaps - Lists all swap names currently in the plugin

Combat Timer now does not reset if you are out of combat for less than 3 seconds
Added relentless maul to skill popups
Changed loot lock data to work server wide instead of account wide
Countdown timer reworked, you should not notice anything
Disabled spammy pvmp alerts
Added Remmorchant to dungeon log

Everyone who can use raid commands can now use the buttons in the options menu
Added Inspiritng presence as timer and effect
Added Ancient craft as alert (Creeps)
Esc no longer hides the ready check window
Ready and not ready buttons should no longer disappear after dragging
Buttons behind the icons are now better hidden on the ready check window (Notify if they are now too hard to click)
T1 remmorchant locks should now reset properly
Moved tier of remmorchant to the front for sorting purposes
Added more spacing inbetween loot locks in the loot window for readability
Cleaned up adding notes to the note window, should now work properly in all cases
Cleaned up images
Changed go sound

Fixes for note window reload data

Fixes for fellowship/raid commands

Thickened hide timer now uses the abbreviation TH instead of TK
Banner timers now have "Banner" as text instead of nothing
Prime officers can now also use raid commands in addition to the raid leader
Contents of the note window are not deleted upon restart but now prompt you with a message in chat if you want to remove its contents (if not a reload)
Other miscellaneous changes

Fixed nil value on some self buffs
Fixed nil icons for group cooldowns
Fixed broken tracking of identical skills
Swapped in better icon for rk aoe bubble

Split player skill timers into cooldowns and actives
Improved UI from player skill timers
Changed naming scheme from counters

Fixed settings issues for effect alerts
Removed sticky webs alert from shelob
Made necrotic ooze alert so it can track only one buff

Fixed import error

Fixed settings for alerts. This should allow everyone to move all windows again
Fixed settings on dnf tracking
Added a force reload so party leader can force a party wide reload
Combat timer does not save combats of < 3s

Added loot tracking for remmorchant

Fixed double skill timer alerts

Plugin now reloads upon changes to the raid
When reloading the plugin it will remember the text in the note window and the applied dnfs
Fixed a lot of remmorchant alerts
Added duration to banners

Added soundeffects
Added black lore purple and green eye
Bug fix: WH alert doesn't throw an error anymore
Bug fix: Dungeon log loot doesn't throw an error anymore
Initial remmorchant alerts have been added

Added frontal attacks of manozgar (armour form) and skorgrim to alerts
Added morloths chest
Skillwindow works correctly when starting the plugin when the skill is already on cd
Added dnf tracker that will give an alert if someone dies with a dnf
Added readycheck 2.0 since ssg sucks
If you had the message window disabled in a previous version you should now be able to get full use of the alert window again
Some group wide cds can now independently be tracked as long as they are not used at the same time (or in case with effects that have duration with 1s distance)

Special effect alerts now actually work :]
Added missing agath-kali alert
Added some nazgul alerts
Chat and dangerous effect on others alerts are now able to be shown simultaneous
Clear button for the timers added to the menu
Added close button for the menu
Newer version will try to retain your settings as much as possible
Countdown timer now starts with the correct colour
Reload button now appears on top of other UI
Effect window now saves position between uses
Added dungeon log with mechanics and loot from the new 6 mans

Skillwindow positions now get saved between uses
Loot window now populates alpabetically
Fixes for chest names of KK and Lamentation
Some effects on players now broadcast it to the group with an alert
House of Lamentation alerts have been adjusted

The loot window now refreshes upon receiving a new lock
Updated the UI of the loot window to be a lot nicer
Changed fates timer to 90s instead of a wrong 60s
Getting a new loot log now does not throw errors anymore when trying to load the already loaded loot lock data
Chest lock name does not include the word Mithril anymore
Alignment of locks and names is now much nicer
Initial effect triggers should now work more reliably when initially loading the plugin
Chest names that begin with Mithril now have a name (looking at you KK with your stupid naming scheme)
A lot of other frequently run instances are now distinguished by instance name instead of chest name to make it clearer
Added active timers to certain player skill (Guardian & Cappy survivals / Fates / Bear cds)
Improved UI for timers
When adding/removing member to a party won't break skill alerts
Changing the leader of a party should now be reliably tracked
Added an AlertIcon to help some alerts get more noticeable
Enabled markup for alerts to increase options and because more colours is always better
Removed move button, this functionality can now be found in the popup menu when clicking the button "Options" (Renamed from toggle windows)
The "Options" button can now be moved anywhere on the screen and will be saved in between uses
Added a black outline to all text alers and timers to improve readability
Renamed Combat timer move string to Combat Timer to better distinguish between the counters
The countdown is more aggressively set on top of the other UI also while counting down
Changed the colour of the skill timers movebox to better distinguish between the two timer windows
Added a background to the options to more easily distinguish which options belong to a certain window
The loot and leader windows now also closes when pressing the ESC button
Removed ST rk bubble alert to remove confusion
Added an option to the optionmenu to reload the plugin
Alerts with variable duration now work correctly
Added nurzum (black lore) and final boss fire puddle
Added thuringwaith boss alerts
Lootwindow now appears on top of other UI
Skill reminders for DNF, Banners and SI to be reminded to use them
Active skill timers now have a slightly different colour scheme to differentiate better
Timers are now smooth

Changing the timer font in options now actually changes the timer font in options
Rk alerts now dont duplicate
Fixed error when changing anything in your group and breaking some alerts
Fixed alerts from 1st boss Roost
Collapsed toggle buttons into one popup menu
Fixed timer 2nd boss Roost
Added loot tracking of weekly T3 chests on all characters (Resets thu 3am)
Settings now reset to defualt when they are out of date
Width/Height from skill alerts now change correctly when changed in the options
Added captain rez to effect alerts

Added option panel with options for sizes and disabling/enabling certain features
Added skill timers for important skills used by fellowship/raidmembers (Suggested for support classes)

Added simple combat timer with 5 combat memory
Fixed icons issue
Hooked up Hrimil chat alerts
Fixed Vethug timers and chat alerts

Saying "clear" in say chat will now clear all timers and alerts currently displayed
Fix for targets with special characters in their name
Fixed incorrect size for log window height

Added anvil alerts (untested)
Added log window for (de)buffs and say chat (Debug)
Note window now always becomes invisible after locking all windows in place

Added more icons
Added better phrases
Added text to each window so you know what you are moving
Changed alert timers
Added timers for effects applied to player

Added saving of positions on windows
Added encounter skill cooldowns
Added effect alerts
Added chat alerts

Added toggle button that enables the countdown box to be moved
The note window is not moveable by default anymore but only with the new button
Always puts countdown on top of your other UI for visiblity

Fixed parsing issues, should now reliably read countdowns and notes
Fixed problems with changing groups while the plugin is open

Fixed crashes when setting rat

Initial version
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File Name
5.31 MB
06-26-2020 06:07 PM
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4 out of 5 with 5 votes
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Unread Yesterday, 08:00 PM  
The Wary

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 3
Uploads: 0
I'm really appreciate your work on this.

I was wondering if the sound playing functionality is working? Or if there's something you have to do to get them to play?

I'm on a Mac and I'm not hearing any sounds when events say they are outputting a sound. I'm not sure if it's Mac related or something else.
tanlis is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 06-13-2020, 04:12 PM  
The Undying
Thurallor's Avatar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 178
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Re: Prime spam

Originally Posted by Perljamfix
Can there be a way to turn it off please. very good plugin btw
You can delete line 203 of the file PrimePlugins/RaidTools/Options.lua, which looks like this:

Label:SetText(PropagandaMessages[math.random( Tablelength(PropagandaMessages) )])
Thurallor is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 06-07-2020, 06:57 PM  
The Undying
Thurallor's Avatar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 178
File comments: 308
Uploads: 17
The periodic pop-up messages are a bit much:

PropagandaMessages = {
    [1] = "Your gameplay made possible by Prime!",
    [2] = "Prime confirmed best kin on Evernight",
    [3] = "Prime is the best kin in this game obvo",
    [4] = "You are hereby claimed as property of Prime",
    [5] = "You are welcome",
    [6] = "Prime send their regards",
    [7] = "If your kin doesn't have it's own Mikkye, is it really a kin?",
    [8] = "Getting carried by Prime",
    [9] = "With the help of Prime you don't even need your exploits anymore",
    [10] = "Can you imagine not wiping with Prime - I can't.",
    [11] = "Other kins may have select prime times, but in Prime it's always that time!",
    [12] = "Do you even 6 man Abyss bro?",
    [13] = "VT Tangleshot Barrage is a Prime original"

Last edited by Thurallor : 06-13-2020 at 04:13 PM.
Thurallor is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 06-06-2020, 04:39 AM  
The Wary

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 1
Uploads: 0

By far the best plugin I've ever seen and come across.

Takes a multiplitude of best parts from so many different top plugins and combined with their own twist and codings.
Thore/Mini is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
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