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Default UI Walkthrough
Default UI Walk-through

After you finish installing the game, the first thing you will see when you start it up is this loading screen:

Next the program will check for any updated files:

After that, you login. You will be prompted for your user name and password:

Then it will ask you which account you want to play, also showing you how long is left on each account and giving you an opportunity to reactivate it:

Then you get the server select screen:

After you pick which server you want, you will do some more loading while it connects to the server:

Now you are at the Character Select screen:

Click the “New Character” button.

Choose which Race you want:

Choose your Class:

Decide your character’s appearance and name:

Great, all done, time to play now. One more loading screen:

ACK, OMG, what the hell IS all this? Information overload! HALP!

That’s where this walk-through comes in. I’ve taken a screenshot of the default layout that you will be presented with when you first log in and put numbers on it, so we can go through each part. There is a different opening area for each race:


Click image for full-sized view.


Click image for full-sized view.


Click image for full-sized view.


Click image for full-sized view.

Yours may look a little bit different because of resolution settings, but it won’t be much of a difference, just size. I'm using the Elf one for our walkthrough. So, here’s the screenshot with the parts numbered:

Click image for full-sized view.

Now to walk through the various numbered parts of the screen.

1. This is the “tutorial hints” box. Turbine has done a great job with the tutorial, showing you how to interact with the world around you, giving you a chance to get used to how the various controls work.

2. On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll notice icons of a question mark (?). These are Tutorial Hint icons. If one of those pops up, it means that there is a tutorial hint for you to look at:

3. Next thing for you to notice is a picture of your character’s face in the top left corner of the screen, with bars beside it. This is your “Vitals” window. It is one of the (if not the) most important pieces of information for you in the entire game:
a. Underneath the picture itself is a number, that is your level
b. The top bar beside your picture (in green) is your “Morale”. If you’ve played other MMOs, you are more likely to call it your HP (hit points or health points). This is how much “life” you have. As you fight monsters or whatever in the game, they will do damage to you. Every point of damage they do takes a point away from your “life”. You want to get the monster dead before it gets you dead. Pretty straightforward.
c. The bottom bar beside your picture (in blue) is your “Power”. In other games you may be more familiar with the concept of “mana” or “rage”. Same basic concept. It is how much “energy” you have to perform special attacks.
d. Below the bars is where any buffs (beneficial) or debuffs (detrimental) effects that are currently active on you will show.

4. This is the “Target” window. This can be other players, NPCs (non-player characters), Monsters, or Objects. Anything that you can interact with in the game. If it is another player, an NPC or a Monster, it will give you the same information as your Vitals window did - underneath the picture will be the level, the top bar is how much Morale (health) it has, the bottom bar is how much “Power” (energy) it has.

5. This is the “Fellowship" window. It provides the same information as presented by the Vitals and Target windows, just for the members of your Fellowship (group).

Next we move on to the “Chat” windows. If a tab has a blue dot on it, it means that there is information that has gone to that window that you haven’t seen yet. Click on that tab to see it.

There are many options you can set for your chat windows, from the size of the text, the colours, creating new windows to filter certain information to certain windows, etc. You get to the options menu by right-clicking on any of the tabs.

6. The first tab is your basic “Chat” log. This is where you talk to others - your fellowship (group or party), kinship (guild), raid, NPC’s, and general chat.

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