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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
Default UI Walkthrough, page 3
Default UI Walk-through (Page 3)

Next is the “Social” Panel toggle. The default keybinding is O. It has four tabs:

From it you can see:
a. Who
1) is an individual Looking for Fellowship (Group) – LFF
2) a Fellowship (Group) that is Looking for More – LFM
b. Friends
1) Friends list – who you have on your friends list and whether they are online or not
2) Ignore list – who you have on your ignore list
c. Kinship – who is in your kinship, their class, level, location, online or not, etc.
d. Raid – who is in the raid with you, their class and level

12. Next we have the “Deedlog” or “Accomplishments” Panel toggle. The default keybinding for it is Shift-L.

There are currently 11 tabs on the Deedlog window, one for each of the nine “areas” of the game, plus one for your “Class” and one for “Race and Social”. As you accomplish certain things in the game, whether it is killing a certain number of a certain type of monster, or discovering certain areas of the world, etc., you earn things in your Deedlog. This window shows you what it is you have to do, how far along you are towards completing it, and what your reward will be when you complete it. You can earn special “Titles”, get new “Skills”, etc. This article by Turbine discusses the creation of the Traits and Deeds Systems.

13. Now we come to the “Quest” log toggle. The default keybinding to open this is L.

This is where “quests” (things to be done) given to you by NPCs (Non-Player Characters) is tracked. The information about what you need to do, who gave you the “quest”, how far along you are towards accomplishing it, etc. is in this window.

14. The last button is your “Character Journal” toggle.

It has four tabs along the top, and each of those tabs has additional tabs:
a. The first one is your “Character”. The default keybinding is C. It has three tabs:
1) Character – This screen shows an image of your character with pictures of parts of the body around it. Each of those pictures is where pieces of armour or weapons, etc that your character is wearing are shown. Hovering your mouse over a spot will give you information about the item in that spot. It also provides information about various statistics of your character. How much Morale and Power you have, what amount of agility you have or how effective your block ability is, etc. As well, you can see how much cash your character has. Turbine has provided a very nice overview of the “base stats” here;
2) Bio – This screen shows your “family tree”. If you have been “adopted” by, or have “adopted”, another player, this is where you can see it;
3) The War – This window is applicable if you are engaged in “Monster Play”, PvMP (Player verses Monster Player). It shows what rank you have earned, how many times you died, how many kills you have, etc. For an overview of PvMP, read this article by Turbine;
b. The second tab is your “Skills” tab. Default keybinding is K. Skills are earned by level. As you gain in levels, you go to your class trainer to purchase new skills. It has three tabs of its own:
1) Active Skills – these are skills that you can manually perform, special attacks, etc;

2) Passive Skills – these are skills that are “always on”. You don’t have to manually activate them, they are automatic.

3) Fellowship Skills – these are skills that you can only use while you are in a Fellowship (Group)

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