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Default UI Walkthrough, page 5
Default UI Walk-through (Page 5)

This button on your Mini-Map opens your World Map.

27. This last button is your Destiny Points toggle. You earn Destiny Points via PvMP, levelling, etc. Pressing this button will bring up a dialog showing you how many Destiny Points you have, called your Destiny Wallet. Using Destiny Wallet, you can choose what you want to spend your Destiny Points on to improve your character temporarily. You can also purchase Permanent abilities for your Monster character with destiny points.

A few other things to tell you about that aren’t readily apparent by looking at this main screen.
  • You can move any of the panels (character, bank, bags, deedlog, chat windows, etc) by hovering over the title of the window until you get an arrow icon that says “click and drag to move”.
  • You can move many of the other parts of the UI by pressing Ctrl \ Pressing it a second time re-locks the windows in their new positions.
  • At the time of this writing, however, there is no way to move the bottom bar.
Ctrl \ toggles this “Layout” screen:

Click image for full-sized view.

Windows not shown (you can see some of them in the Layout screen above):

End Travel – This button pops up whenever you are on a horse, to allow you to dismount

Escort Manager – This is a window similar to the Player/Target/Fellowship windows, for the times during which you have an NPC “join” your Fellowship, so that you can keep an eye on their Morale, etc.

Examination ToolTip Position – This is the window that gives you information about anything in game, ie the name of an object, the stats of a sword, the name, class and level of another player, etc, etc

Fellow Selection UI – In addition to the one Fellowship window (# 5 above), there are 3 more Fellowship windows, for when you are in a raid, allowing you to see all four Fellowships that make up the raid. This Fellow Selection UI allows you to choose which of the Fellowship windows (show? Are active? I’m not sure, someone that can confirm for me?)

Fellowship Manoeuvre Attempt Display - As discussed previously, there are certain attacks that can only be done when in a Fellowship. This window shows you when one of those manoeuvres is being attempted by your Fellowship.

Fellowship Manoeuvre Contribution Display - And this window shows you what attacks you know, so that you can choose to try to perform the action and make the manoeuvre successful.

Item Wear – This shows when your armour or weapons are in serious need of repair

Pet Manager – This is a window similar to the Player/Target/Fellowship windows, for those classes which get pets, to be able to monitor their Morale and Energy, etc.

Pet Shortcut Bar – This is a bar for you to put any special abilities your pets have that you have to manually activate.

Sparring Timer – If you are sparring with another player, this timer shows you how long you have until your bout is over.

And finally, a few notable NPCs or items that you will be interacting with (make note of the icons above their heads):

A Bard - this is who you talk to to enable your Traits, discussed above

A Class Trainer – the icon will be whichever is applicable to your class

A Crafting Trainer/Supplier

A quest giver whose quest is much lower level than you

A Merchant

A Milestone – this is where you can set your “travel home” location

A Quest Giver/Receiver – where you start and finish quests

These are by no means the entire list of notables in the game, but a few to get you started.

I hope this walk-through has helped with the information overload initially presented to you when you log in for the very first time.

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