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  5. item:GetCategory() returns 0
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  9. ItemControl:SetOpacity bugged?
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  11. Skill Hex Codes for Mounts
  12. Any way to overload or replace turbine.ui methods with my own?
  13. Question about attack animation circle and Req.
  14. LotRO API Reference is up on the wiki!
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  16. Control.MouseWheel() event not working for you?
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  32. Loading creates Error
  33. How to remove the title bar and the close button?
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  36. nested table issues
  37. function Backpack:ItemMoved(sender, args);
  38. LocalPlayer (a table value)? WTH
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  41. Class Structure - Iteration
  42. Lua - communicating with "the oudside world"
  43. Need help fixing a plugin (author missing since F2P Beta)
  44. Right click carousel switch
  45. Need help from Hunter level 48-51
  46. EU client and translations/special characters
  47. Saving quickslot data to table
  48. Save on Unload
  49. Re-sizeable quickslot icons now possible!
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  51. Possible to do an action bar plugin like Dominos?
  52. checkbox issues (still?)
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  54. Buffs, fervor pips tweaking possible?
  55. LUA and /OOC or any other channel...how?
  56. Shell cmd w/ multiple args
  57. Help with custom quickslots
  58. Proof of concept only - BuffFrame
  59. Quickslots, aliases and drag&drop issue
  60. Listbox
  61. Looking out for Vindar...
  62. GetClassAttributes() bug and work around
  63. Plugin unload itself...
  64. Plugin toggle buttons
  65. ListBox number/string error (Help!)
  66. MouseWheel Event
  67. Inspecting tables ..
  68. Newbie: Simple window
  69. Shortcut help
  70. Access to the map
  71. Begginers Woe.
  72. Load image
  73. New item link format
  74. New Warden functions
  75. ArtAssetID for "world join ghosted" and "webstore" icons ?
  76. How to access the party info now available?
  77. any one have a function to get a spell icon image by spell name?
  78. ROI Update 1 Lua Changes/Fixes
  79. Starters guide to lua and lotro?
  80. Nested Classes issue
  81. Multiply variable reading of io.open
  82. Problem with backpack and items being equipped.
  83. Turbine.UI.Window & Labels
  84. Saving and loading help
  85. How can i get a Button working?
  86. Detect pet name?
  87. I'm having troubles with text output in my code with lua :(
  88. Mixed fonts in a single label?
  89. Cross apartment communication
  90. Req: Hide DASS dps meter on request
  91. Umlats
  92. Official Lotro plugin manager
  93. Creating Shortcuts from Items in Inventory
  94. Help Needed With 'Horsey'
  95. Function to Get Scrolling Combat Text
  96. FYI - Update 6 is up on bullroarer - lots of Lua fixes
  97. Travel, Poi and other info from Update 6 to update your plugins with
  98. Web Spider
  99. Minstrel: Update tooltips and stance-changes
  100. wallet
  101. Event for successful use of a skill.
  102. UPdate 7 - LUA Changes
  103. Scrollable menus?
  104. plugin.Version doesn't update without exiting game
  105. How does ipairs handle deletes from a table?
  106. Lua and threading
  107. Debugging client-crash
  108. Read out the EffectList
  109. Is it possible to get the instance of a Player by name?
  110. Help with assigning Alias to a Button (possible?)
  111. Creating a button to fire a keybound action?
  112. Access To Experience?
  113. Fervor Pip Intervals
  114. Adding new values to existing plugindata
  115. Debugging and Testing
  116. Using Add/Remove callback functions with the localplayer EffectList
  117. SetBackground(), Asset IDs and custom skins
  118. Map tracker
  119. Broken script
  120. How can i get moob name? Lotro -Plugin
  121. Drop Downs
  122. Binding events to classes
  123. Scrollbar Overlap Problems
  124. How to get Skill IDs?
  125. Loading data issues
  126. Special Character Problem
  127. Button for switching between Trait Tree Builds
  128. Problem with UISkin_AvatarPanel
  129. RegX to LUA conversion - Please help
  130. Error: IndexedDictionary.lua:1: '=' expected near ''
  131. Target yourself or Party Member
  132. GetTarget():GetClass()?
  133. Getting a strange error in file
  134. Reading Chat in LUA
  135. Basic Coding Help Needed
  136. SciTE Setup
  137. Lua Beginner has some questions
  138. Missing Events in Lua
  139. That pesky EntityControl! May I please get some guidance?
  140. Get User's Current Chat Channel?
  141. Invoking /loc or ;loc from LUA
  142. Quickslot SkillInfo
  143. string ID of the Gorgoroth map
  144. using EffectList:Contains(effect)?
  145. In local an error
  146. how to shorten coordinates ???
  147. identifying Entitys
  148. table.sort problem
  149. class's IsA() function for user-defined classes
  150. Markup, GetText() and GetTextLength()
  151. Shameless solicitation (chat parsing, ui, data passing)
  152. Were bugs in Turbine.Gameplay.Party ever fixed?
  153. Plugin Macros
  154. Draw lines / points
  155. PluginData Load problem
  156. EntityControl class default function
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