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About skins and plugins update softwares
About skins and plugins update softwares for Lotro

Introduction :

First of all, keep in mind that I'm not personally involved in the third party softwares mentioned in this article.
I won't provide any support to it, and I'm not responsible of any issue you may encounter using it.

Since v4.0, JRR skins collection and its addons include some "plugincompendium" files, this allows you to use update softwares to automate in one click the processes of checking for an available update, downloading it, unpacking it, deleting the old version installation folder, then installing the new version.

At the present day of this article, only MMOUI Minion, a Java language based software, originally developed for World of Warcraft, is able to manage Lotro skins and plugins updates.

To enable the Lotro support in MMOUI Minion, a plugin is required, its name is LotrOnion.

There is another software dedicated to install and update Lotro plugins, its is a microsoft dot net framework language based software, and its name is Lotro Plugin Compendium, but at the current state of its development, it doesn't supports skins.

Installing MMOUI Minion :

At the present day, MMOUI Minion whom development is abandoned since years now, is not supported by Java v.7
This is a major issue, because keep using Java v6 for Minion support, instead of updating it to v7 represents a security leak on your system.

For this reason, I can't recommend using MMOUI Minion if you're running Lotro on 32 bits systems.
Concerning the 64 bits operating systems, a workaround is possible. I let you be the judge if it is safe enough for the usage you have of your computer :

I found a compromise which I consider acceptable (for my own usage of my computer), conciliating security on the web with MMOUI Minion on my windows 7 64 bits, through this particular software configuration :
  • I exclusively browse the web with a 32 bits browser (Firefox), supported by Java 7 32 bits (optional, but required by some websites).
  • Then I installed MMOUI Minion : Open the pop up link with "Java web start launcher", configure the panel as follow : Select "build" = "windows xp/2000/vista/7 (X64)" and unmark "wow-interface pre-installation", keep the Zip support marked.
  • Then download LotrOnion and unpack it. You get a .JAR file, keep its location in mind.
  • Now open MMOUI Minion (there should be a shortcut on your desktop), in its menu, click on "Tools" -> "Module Center..." --> click on "Update core" button, re-lauch minion, then come back in "Tools" -> "Module Center..." --> click on "Install Module..." button and browse to the Lotronion .JAR file you unpacked 2 minutes ago. Apply.
  • Now MMOUI Minion is able to manage the update process of your lotro favourite plugins + JRR skins collection and its addons !

May the grace of the Valar protect you !

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