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Name: LOTRivia   Popular!
Date: 11-27-2013 06:15 PM
Size: 229.63 Kb
Version: 1.0.28
Rate File: 5 out of 5 with 2 votes  
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Views: 0
Size: 289.16 Kb
Dimensions: 618 x 609
Main game window
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Size: 258.05 Kb
Dimensions: 501 x 409
Scores window
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Size: 121.62 Kb
Dimensions: 308 x 405
Options window
LOTRivia is a Lord of the Rings Online plugin which allows you to host a trivia quiz in the channel of your choice. It helps you keep scores, interact with the channel as the game progresses, and more!

  • over 850 questions and riddles, written specifically for this project
  • topics ranging from J.R.R. Tolkien's world, characters and history, to Lord of the Rings Online itself
  • configurable quiz length and question timer
  • automated score-keeping
  • pretty colored questions and announcements
  • easy-to-use interface

To Install:
Unzip the package, and drag the "Carentil" folder into your Lord of the Rings Online "Plugins" folder.

To Load:
Type /"plugins load lotrivia" or use the plugins manager in-game.

You should see the game windows load, as well as a small blue and purple question-mark button that you can drag where you like, to toggle showing the game windows.

To see shell commands:
Type "/lt help".

To host a game:
  1. Click the "Options" button and make sure you're pointing at the channel you wish, and that the other options look fine to you.
  2. Click "Start Game". You might wish to announce the rules to your chosen channel before starting, using the "Send Rules" button.
  3. A first question will be randomly chosen and displayed to you in the blue "Current Question" box at the top. If you like this question you can click "Ask Question" to pose it to your players, or "Skip Question" to pick another question at random. The answer will show in the green box below it, to help you pick correct answers.
  4. Once you click "Ask question" a countdown timer will appear. Due to limitations with the LOTRO API, the time CANNOT be announced to the channel automatically, so you can use the "Announce Time" button to send a "X seconds left!" message to the channel whenever you wish.
  5. The FIRST thing a player says in chat after you ask a question will show up in the "Current Guesses" box. You can scroll this box if you need to, in order to see more guesses.
  6. When a player gets the answer right (or close enough to your satisfaction), just click their answer in the list and then click the "Accept Answer" button. The announcement and scoring will be taken care of for you.
  7. You can click a player's name in the Scores window to adjust their score up or down as needed. This is good for adjusting point awards for harder questions, or correcting point award errors you might have made.
  8. You can announce the scores to the channel by clicking the "Announce All" button on the Scores Window, or just the top three with the "Top 3" button.
  9. You will be notified with a message in your chat window when you have asked the number of questions you've set, so you can send the full or abbreviated scores as you wish.


Q. Why do you just accept the first thing someone types? What if someone sends something to the channel that isn't an answer, then answers correctly?

A. If the rules didn't include the "first thing" rule, people just spam a channel with everything they can think of until someone gets it right, and in public channels, that's annoying. If someone gets a right answer after typing in a non-guess, just click their non-guess and choose "Accept Answer", and they still get credit.

Q. I found a typo! Or a mistake!

A. I've found a lot, too. Despite my best efforts to fact-check everything, there's a LOT to cover. I'm cleaning it up as they go but if you do, please send me a message here and I'll fix it ASAP.

Q. I have a bunch of questions I want to add!

A. Awesome! Send them my way.

Q. Could this be used to ask trivia about pop stars, or science, TV shows or other movies?

A. Sure! All you need to do is rename the original questions.lua file in the Resources directory to something else for safe keeping, and make a new questions.lua file which follows the same format. This file is Lua code, so you will need to be precise.

Please post any feedback you have, features you'd like, or bugs you find on this plugin's page LotroInterface.com and l will do what I can.

Have fun, and Happy Trivia'ing!
-Carentil of Windfola

Version History
  • 1.0.26 - First public release, Nov. 25 2013
  • 1.0.27 - Quick fix to include Turbine's libraries for those who don't have them installed, Nov. 25 2013
  • 1.0.28 - Added a few questions, corrected some typos in existing questions, and removed a few unnecessary library files, Nov. 27 2013
Archive List (Old Versions)
File Name
232.24 Kb
11-25-2013 07:19 PM
145.33 Kb
11-25-2013 01:36 PM
File Statistics
User Rating:
5 out of 5 with 2 votes
Downloads: 15362
Views: 30205
Favorites: 10
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Last Modified: 11-29-2013 01:50 PM by Carentil    

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Unread 02-18-2021, 11:13 AM  
The Wary
Pontin_Finnberry's Avatar

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 2
Uploads: 0
Say chat?

This is a fun plugin, but suggestion/Feedback can this be sent to say channel? currently no option for that as far as i can see when testing and looking at the plugin
Pontin_Finnberry is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 11-27-2013, 05:28 PM  
The Undefeated
Carentil's Avatar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 5
File comments: 2
Uploads: 1
Okay. I think the error you are getting was from the original upload of the plugin, and that error should be resolved. The file that is reporting the error isn't in that location in the current version, so I'm pretty sure that's the issue. Would you mind deleting the Carentil folder, redownloading and trying again?


Last edited by Carentil : 11-27-2013 at 06:27 PM.
Carentil is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 11-26-2013, 03:13 PM  
The Wary

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 1
Uploads: 0
When trying to load, I get the following errors:

... the Rings Online\Plugins\Carentil\LOTRivia\Type.lua:2: Unable to resolve package "Turbine.Class".
... the Rings Online\Plugins\Carentil\LOTRivia\Main.lua:4: Failed to import package "Carentil.LOTRivia.Type".
Agamaran is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 11-25-2013, 07:11 PM  
The Undefeated
Carentil's Avatar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 5
File comments: 2
Uploads: 1
If you downloaded version 1.0.26 and are getting errors...

Silly me forgot to test on a clean install of LOTRO, so I missed an import of a standard Turbine library I had installed elsewhere. Anyhow, fixed now, please update to 1.0.27 if yours won't load. Sorry for the mistake, I'm learning as I go

If you don't have trouble loading it, you don't need to worry about the update.
Carentil is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
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