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Name: MiniRaid   Updated less than 3 days ago!
Date: 02-16-2020 05:05 PM
Size: 81.85 Kb
Version: 1.2.1
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MiniRaid is a highly customizable party interface for any raider, regardless of your role in the raid you can customize it specifically to your needs. While it's essential for any healer you can make use of it for any class. Perhaps you're leading a new raid and need to track a specific effect on your fellow players, maybe you need to see which players has DNF so you don't waste your revival skill. Or if you simply want a clean customized party layout instead of the vanilla one.

While i originally made this as a healing interface for my Minstrel it turned out to be quite a lot more so i decided to upload it, enjoy!

- Fully customize the player frame color, size, icons, fonts and a lot more.
- Decide exactly how you would like to have the layout structured for various party sizes.
- Supports both PvE and PvMP.
- Choose to track any effect either on yourself/others or both.
- Keep a list of effects and only enable those that you would like to track right now.
- Preview the frame in the option menu and see the changes as soon as you make them.
- If you're tracking DNF either in the normal or special effect slot the icon will stay active if the player dies with it.
- Lightweight. Unless you actually open the option menu it doesn't exists, which keeps a low impact on the plugin loading time.
- Any change you make in the option menu will instantly take effect and be saved, no need to reload the plugin at any point.
- See which player is the current party leader.
- More accurate display of bubbles than on the vanilla vitals.
- Toggle tracking all CC, Debuffs or Curables on yourself.
- Customize the party layout without being in a group by toggling "Enable Layout Preview".


The options are too many to list here but they should be fairly self-explanatory, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message.

Chat commands:
/miniraid options

Open the options menu

/miniraid reload

For convenience you can reload the plugin with a chat command in case you think it has bugged out, if that doesn't work simply do it manually from the Plugin Manager window.

/miniraid record start
/miniraid record stop

Some effects with short duration can be hard to catch. These two commands will help you with that. Type the first command "/miniraid record start" and wait as long as you want for any effect to be recorded. Then simply type "/miniraid record stop" and it will stop recording the effects and print them out in the chat along with the number of times it was added during the recording session.


To rearrange the players in the group, hold shift and drag onto the player you would like to switch with.

Simply extract the zip file into your LOTRO plugins folder.

Known Issues
Any effect be it debuff/buff or curable will track 100% accurately on yourself, however tracking when effects are removed on other players is sadly broken and there is no way to accurately predict it. So unless SSG fixes this in the future, effect tracking on other players are somewhat limited. Tracking buffs that can't be removed by any means on a player will be 100% accurate however if you were to track a specific wound effect it would not know if it was removed or not. So i suggest only tracking things that has a duration and will stay for the entire duration.

Some effects can stack such as the Minstrel "Soliloquy of Spirit" which in this case can stack up to 3 times on the target.
It will as i said before track accurately on yourself but if you want to track all 3 versions on other players you need to set the max stack count to 3. This is also due to the fact that tracking removed effects does not currently work properly.



Currently only available in English, i may add localization in the future depending on interest.
Only tested on the English client so it may or may not work on the others.

I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback/suggestions you may have.
you can message me on discord at Narim#9557.


Version 1.2

- Added a new icon for the UI Toggle button
- Added a button for toggling the options menu ( Using old UI toggle button icon )
- Added two new chat commands "/miniraid record start" and "/miniraid record stop" to help with catching effect names ( see description above )
- Added a toggle for tracking all effects on yourself
- Added an effect blacklist for filtering the self effect toggles ( all, cc, debuff, curable )
- Moved the special effect into its own tab
- Fixed a bug with power bar not working correctly after player had died in classic power bar mode
- Fixed an error when morale was changed
- You can now see what version you're using in the Misc tab ( This was added in version 1.1 )

Version 1.1

- Random Bug fixes
- Performance increase
- Restructured the entire option UI menu to be less overwhelming and easier to use
- Added the ability to shift drag the layout position while in layout preview mode
- DropDown menu no longer display the currently selected item
- Added four new format options to morale text
- Added a toggle to enable classic style power bar ( power bar size has been reset )
- Slider values can now be manually edited

Version 1.0

- Initial Release
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02-04-2020 02:56 PM
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Unread Yesterday, 01:02 PM  
The Wary

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 19
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I really enjoy the new GUI: you took a lot of my suggestions and made it really tidy.

Another round of suggestions, albeit in a much smaller scale:
- The sliders for player size on the tab Layout could use a short and snappy description what they exactly do. If I understand it correctly those are used to define different layouts depending on party size
- "Enable UI toggle": is that the toggle to enable/disable the miniraid UI? Because I don't understand its description
- "Show local player while not in a group" should be named something like "Show Miniraid player frame while solo" or something like that, as the current description might be confusing, though I guessed what it is supposed to do from using other UI modes in other games
- Is it possible to get the same text format from the moral bar also for the power bar?
- How do effects work exactly? E.g. using Hearten both Buffbars and Buffmonitor show it, but my Miniraid frame doesn't after having added the effect
- Effects tab could use a multi-select option for removing effects
- Special effect tab could also use more documentation on what can be done with it
- On the Misc tab there's an option to disable special effects, but there's no such option for normal effects
- The Misc tab could use a "Reset all" button, especially if one tinkers with the addon like I do
- The power bar needs another theme for Beorning's wrath bar, as currently there's only 1 power bar which can be adjusted, but there are 2 types of power bars in the game: wrath bar and the normal power bar
- The power bar doesn't really work with Beorning: I'm at 100 wrath, I use Hearthen for 10 wrath and have 90 wrath left, but the power bar is 0, and then gets 50% and then to 100% in different interval of 2/7 seconds for 50% and 100%, or 5/10 seconds
- I'd like the change the fonts on the font tab

I hope you're doing coding/UI design for a living, because otherwise your skills are really wasted.

Last edited by Myrthian : 02-19-2020 at 02:05 PM.
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Unread 02-16-2020, 11:44 PM  
The Wary
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 3
Uploads: 3
Version 1.2 ( 1.2.1 ) is now released. Changelog is in the description.
Darf is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 02-09-2020, 03:35 PM  
The Wary
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 3
Uploads: 3
New update version 1.1, changelog is in the description.
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Unread 02-05-2020, 12:38 PM  
The Wary
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 3
Uploads: 3
I don't, but now that you mention it i can indeed see the resemblance.
Pure coincidence ^^

Cheers for the feedback, you do make some great points i will be sure to add them!

Perhaps it's not as clear as i thought but the 1-3/4-6/7-12/13-18/19-24 is the amount of players in the fellowship/raid, which gives you 5 unique layouts depending on how many players you have. It'll work regardless of the party size 1-24, be it fellowship or raid.

It doesn't exactly show the item twice in the combobox it's just that the top one is whats selected and dark grey when you have it opened, and rather than hiding the actual item in the drop down list it's also greyed out, it's perhaps a bit weird when there is only two available options.

All settings are saved per character.

Yes the unique player morale and name color are both two separate options if you want to be able to highlight yourself in the layout.

If you change the morale threshold slider to 0 ( 50 by default ) you essentially disable it.

The threshold color is the same for everyone regardless of what morale color settings you're using.

Power bar position can't be changed at the moment, but I'll add it.

While the colors are a bit bright sure, they are mainly there as a default option for the user to easily differentiate between the different elements, and you can literally change every single color used. But i can certainly look into changing the default into something that blends in more nicely.

Last edited by Darf : 02-05-2020 at 02:19 PM.
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Unread 02-05-2020, 12:34 PM  
The Wary

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 19
Uploads: 0
Do you also mod for Skyrim?
The options UI really does resemble the Skyrim style.

- Drag&drop of the layout preview instead of only having sliders to adjust the position
- The whole options UI should be categorized and simplified using panels to display/hide options, because currently I'm overwhelmed by a plethora of options, e.g. 1 panel each for frame color, font and unique class color, like BuffMonitor does: panel header are clickable, and upon clicking they display the options hidden within https://i.imgur.com/lbDcjiq.jpg
- Maybe if didn't fully grasp the functionality quite yet, but for me only the 7-12 sliders under group layout do something, while the rest of them don't -> Got it: depending on the preview player layout count certain sliders become active
- Why do both layout direction comboboxes display their current value twice when opening the combobox?
- Can the layout also be used for 2/3/6 man content, or is it exclusively used for raids? -> Got it: can also be used for party size
- The raid layout preview could use dummy entries to better display changes similar like for the frame preview
- Are the plugin settings saved per character or per account?
- Moral text format should offer abbreviation for 1000, e.g. 230k instead of 230.000, because displaying current/max + % overloads the frame in terms of text
- Is unique player morale color just some sort of highlighting to find my frame in the raid layout?
- Can the moral threshold color be disabled?
- What happens if I use unique class morale color in combination with morale threshold color: will every class color use the same threshold color?
- Is the power bar always to the left of the frame, or can it be moved to have the MMORPG default of top bar HP, bottom bar power?
- Maybe text fields to input values instead of only having sliders
- The colors are too bright for Lotro's dark and earthy colors, as currently they remind me more of ESO's bright colors https://i.imgur.com/Nbtho1y.jpg

So much for the first quick assessment.

I really like it so far as the default party/raid UI is just awkward if you're used to modding it in other games (ESO/WoW), or it's just far superior in its default state (FF14).

Last edited by Myrthian : 02-05-2020 at 01:20 PM.
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