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The core UI package that allows users to create low level controls.


Name Description
Button A simple button control.
CheckBox A simple checkbox control.
Color Represents a 4 channel color with alpha, red, green, and blue.
ContextMenu Defines a menu that can be displayed to the user.
Control The base control class for all available user interface elements.
ControlList Defines a list of controls.
Display Provides display information.
DragDropInfo Container for information about drag drop events.
Label A simple label for displaying text.
ListBox A simple list box for laying out child controls in a list.
MenuItem Defines a menu item.
MenuItemList Defines a list of menu items.
ScrollableControl Defines a control that can be scrolled.
ScrollBar A control for scrolling content.
TextBox A control for inputting text.
TreeNode The base for any element that will be part of a tree view control.
TreeNodeList Defines a list of controls.
TreeView A control to display data in a tree.
Window A top level window control.


Name Description
BlendMode Specifies a blending method.
ContentAlignment Specifies the alignment of content within a region.
FontStyle Specifies styles that can be applied to fonts.
HorizontalLayout Specifies how to perform horizontal layouts.
MouseButton Defines one of the mouse buttons.
Orientation Specifies orientation of objects.
VerticalLayout Specifies how to perform vertical layouts.


This UI package contains the base classes for UI controls. These controls have no default interface look and feel, providing the most basic display of various UI elements.For controls that appear like the actual game, see one of the child packages.

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