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  • I've written mods for Morrowind and Oblivion, as well as interfaces for EQ2.
  • I am dedicated to details and will attempt to resolve bugs as quickly as possible.
  • My philosophy with games is to provide options to the player so that a mod can be customized by whomever wishes to use it.
  • Please submit any feature request you would like to see. If it is within my abilities I will try to enact your request.

Collaboration with KragenWar
By: Valdacil - 01-13-2011 12:59 PM
Valdacil's Avatar KragenWar and I have been working hard for the last month and a half to develop the latest version of KragenBars as a single project. That project has been released as KragenBars v3.00. Please find that project located:


KragenBars Leveled to become ClasBars
By: Valdacil - 11-29-2010 02:09 PM
Valdacil's Avatar I am working on a full rewrite of the KragenBars Leveled plugin rebuilding from the ground up. Since this new version will be sufficiently dissimilar from KragenBars, I am going to rename the plugin to: ClasBars (Class Leveled Active Skill Bars).

ClasBars first release will be listed as 3.00 and have each class included with skills 1-65, a new setup window, and automatic class detection. I expect this release will be ready in a week or two.

KragenBars Leveled v2.12
By: Valdacil - 11-27-2010 07:43 PM
Valdacil's Avatar Additional bug fix for both Minibars and RuneBars from v2.10 and v2.11.

KragenBars Leveled v2.11
By: Valdacil - 11-27-2010 07:19 PM
Valdacil's Avatar Posted v2.10, then had to quickly update to v2.11 due to a minor bug in the MiniBar (thank you Kaisoul for bringing it to my attention).

v2.11 updates compatibility with the November Update (v2.0.0 and earlier version will no longer work after the November Update).

Additionally, v2.11 adds the Runekeeper class to KragenBars Leveled in the same design as the Minstrel bars.
- All active skills from 1-65 included on 11 catagorized bars; includes level checking to show only skills the character has aquired at their level
- Options in the setup screen for 3 traits (Fall to Our Wrath, Steady Hands, and That Which Does Not Kill Us)
- Unfortunately, we cannot currently tap into the attunement level and none of the RK's skills lend themselves to automation like the other classes; Please submit ideas for additional RK functionality using the Feature Request link to the right.

Future Plans (short term): I will probably look to add Hunter next in the same style as Minstrel and Runekeeper. (next week or the following)
Future Plans (mid-term): Once the "November" update goes live both US and Euro I should be able to add automatic class checking to the initial setup.
Future Plans (long term): Add remaining classes; Update Burglar, Champion, Captain, Guardian in same style as Minstrel and Runekeeper; Add additional options to further customize the bars; Add class specific consumable slots (ie. Setup screen would have consumable slot for Fire and Light Oils and Bow-chants; if you used a Fire Oil, the Fire Oil slot would disappear until duration is near expire and Light Oil would dim indicating Fire Oil is already active)

KragenBars Leveled 2.0.0
By: Valdacil - 11-24-2010 12:23 AM
Valdacil's Avatar I just uploaded KragenBars Leveled 2.0.0. This plugin is a new generation of KragenBar. I started with the excellent work of KragenWar, but continued to refine the processing logic and add level checking to display only the skills available at the character's level. This is now a seperate project and installation of KragenBars is no longer required. This includes all necessary files and replaces KragenBars by KragenWar.

As with KragenWar's original intentions, I have started building KragenBars Leveled as a full replacement for the in-game skill bars. This version includes the minstrel class as proof of concept of that idea.

Please post any bugs you find in the Bug Reports on the right. To request new or alterations to features, use the Features link to the right.

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