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Welcome to Caldric's Portal!

Metal Works (Renamed!) almost complete!
By: Taffu - 04-02-2007 08:51 AM
The initial project "Metal Works" has been renamed to "Steampunk", as well as coming closer to a final completed graphic set. Some of the finer points of the graphics are being tweaked, and a few new elements are being worked on. At this time, it's slated to be an absolute full Skin build, with nearly every prominent graphic altered.

I'm shooting for a release sometime this month, before the official release of the game.

Beta: Metal Works skin Coming Soon
By: Taffu - 03-13-2007 09:06 AM
Since I released the Stone Age Double skin, I've been working hard on doing a Complete skin utilizing as many of the AssetID's as possible to create a unique & interactive skin that functions & looks great.

So was born a project I've named Metal Works. It's going to be a touch of Steampunk style with classic Metal shading/shadowing. It's coming along very well, and I can't wait to unveil it.

Some of the cooler features I've been working on are:
-Replacement of Buttons with customized versions
-Full UI skin, from the Bottom Bar, to the Borders, right down to the Tooltip
-All buttons in the UI will be fully functional with mouse/pressed/active versions

And since Closed Beta is almost over, I've decided to keep some of the "fun & new" in the game alive, I'm not really going to level anything over 20 at this point...so all my time in-game will really be going towards this one skin. I'll post some preview screenshots soon!

Edit: New! Screen Shot of preliminary Bottom Bar testing.

Things to notice:
-There is a "plate" (which has an outline for alignment) which holds the casting bar to integrate it into the bottom bar graphic.
-Left side has a "cradle" which houses an non-keybound Quickslot bar...intention is use for toggle abilities like Stances to get them off the main bar.
-Fully customized System Buttons which are fully operational and "behave" like real buttons

Stone Age (Double) Released!
By: Taffu - 03-08-2007 01:41 PM
Stone Age Double is a Bottom Bar I've been working on for a while now trying to get it just right so that I could use a bottom bar graphic that would incorporate "two" bars instead of just one. The skin ended up coming out great, and I'm very happy with it. I'll soon wrap up by completing a full UI Skin with that style, and hopefully I'll be able to get that done soon. Instructions for setting up the 2nd bar are shown on the skins Download page...enjoy!

Updates for TribalBlue on the way
By: Taffu - 03-07-2007 08:01 AM
Caldric's TribalBlue is going to be getting a full UI Skin update in the next few days after I work out some kinks in the graphics and check for full compatibility with the new Patch being released this evening. The Bottom Bar is being partially reskinned to incorporate a more uniform design, as well as having an "alternate" 2-Bar version for players interested in having a more robust Bottom Bar graphic to incorporate into a second Quickslot Bar.

Also, I'm working on a TribalRed which will be nearly identical to TribalBlue...and in the future I will blend a few more colors as well.

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