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Showing code when moving/picking up items
Bug #: 97
File: HugeBag
Date: 12-13-2012 11:43 AM
By: Quazal
Status: Cant Reproduce
Everything has been working fine but today started getting errors anytime my bags changed ie items looted/dropped etc Did notice that you had done update, so updated software but issues is still here.

Here is a coyp of the type of error i get,

"### Chat Log: General 12/13 02:48 PM ###
BackpackItemMoved: ItemName: Getfleda's Pendant
OldIndex: 36, NewIndex: 58
Item: table: 3425DA50
__implementation: userdata: 3425D9FC
BackpackIndex: 36
QuantityChanged: function: 34655FEC
NewIndex: 58
OldIndex: 36
BackpackItemMoved: ItemName: Getfleda's Pendant
OldIndex: 58, NewIndex: 36
Item: table: 3425DA50
__implementation: userdata: 3425D9FC
BackpackIndex: 58
QuantityChanged: function: 34655FEC
NewIndex: 36
OldIndex: 58

This is an example of what i get in my chat window when i move items, it is the saqme when i pick items up or move them this shows in the chat box. Dont know if it makes any difference but they show under the "standard" filter (for time being have disabled the 'standard' filter but jsut a bit annoying not seeing what i loot)

Have also tried removing all traces of hugebag and then re-installing latest version but still get the same errors. NB Dont get the errors when im just using the default (pants) bags

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By: Quazal - 12-13-2012 01:18 PM
Just a further note, also noticed when i opened my vault it spammed me see below

### Chat Log: General 12/13 06:17 PM ###
QuantityChanged(40): Scrap of Rohirric Text
inventoryPanel.refreshStorage() sender:table: 399C5D9C
sender:GetName()=Scrap of Rohirric Text
BackpackItemAdded: Index=17 Item:GetName()=Scrap of Rohirric Text
Index: 17
Item: table: 640463C4
__implementation: userdata: 64046370
BackpackItemRemoved: Index=17
Index: 17
item:Anniversary Fireworks qty:1
item:Gift for a Home Owner qty:1
item:Writ of Special Passage: 1 Hour qty:1
item:Cup of Winter Barley Flour qty:100
item:Golden Shire Tater qty:100
item:Tater qty:18
item:Tome of Constant Experience qty:1
item:Fisherman's Shirt and Waders qty:1
item:Soldier's Summoning qty:10
item:Scroll of Elder Jeweller Lore qty:20
item:Boots of the Eastemnet qty:1
item:Shoulders of the Eastemnet qty:1
item:Hauberk of the Eastemnet qty:1
item:Helm of the Eastemnet qty:1
item:Gloves of the Eastemnet qty:1
item:Crystal of Remembrance qty:1
item:Cryptic Heritage Rune of Legend qty:1
itemecorated Heritage Rune of Lore qty:2
item:Plain Heritage Rune of Lore qty:8
item:Cryptic Heritage Rune of Lore qty:1
item:Plain Heritage Rune of Learning qty:4
item:Shire Apple qty:100
itemecorated Heritage Rune of Learning qty:2
itemecorated Heritage Rune of Knowledge qty:4
item:Green Peas qty:100
item:Weathered Heritage Rune of Lore qty:5
item:Scroll of Elder Jeweller Lore qty:1
item:Snap-jaw Trap qty:5
item:Weathered Heritage Rune of Legend qty:5
item:Peerless Heritage Rune of Learning qty:1
item:Sturdy Steel Key qty:4
itemecorated Heritage Rune of Legend qty:3
item:Isengard Prisoner Boots qty:1
item:Isengard Prisoner Leggings qty:1
item:Isengard Prisoner Gloves qty:1
item:Fine Grey Company Tunic qty:1
item:Fine Grey Company Boots qty:1
item:Fine Grey Company Hood qty:1
item:Fine Grey Company Wrap qty:1
item:Fine Grey Company Gauntlets qty:1
item:Isengard Prisoner Bandana qty:1
item:Isengard Prisoner Shirt qty:1
item:Cloak of the Grey Company qty:1
item:Seer's Orb qty:1
item:20% Mount Speed (1 hour) qty:5
item:Legendary Shard qty:13
item:Swan Fountain qty:1
item:Erebrandir's Horseshoe qty:1
item:Scroll of Renewal qty:12
item:Tarnished Heritage Rune of Legend qty:1
item:Cryptic Heritage Rune of Knowledge qty:3
item:Sealed Emblem of Insight qty:1
item:Sealed Device of Will qty:1
item:Large Firepit qty:1
item:Small Firepit qty:1
item:Sealed Emblem of Will qty:2
item:High-quality Calenard Ingot qty:15
item:High-quality Riddermark Ingot qty:17
item:Cup of Rye Flour qty:32
item:Low-quality Riddermark Ingot qty:66
item:Bottle of Water qty:46
item:Medium-quality Calenard Ingot qty:3
item:Medium-quality Riddermark Ingot qty:22
item:Polished Green Garnet qty:32
item:Polished Red Agate qty:9
item:Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil qty:4
item:Large Eastemnet Symbol qty:1
item:Tarnished Crest of Rohan qty:3
item:Pinch of Eastemnet Herbs qty:1
item:Legendary Fragment qty:49
item:Red Agate qty:21
item:Plain Heritage Rune of Legend qty:17
By: Quazal - 12-20-2012 09:39 PM
JUST FYI.... This problem has seemed to have resolved itself today without me doing anything either ingame or to the addons.
Dont know if its worthwhile you looking in to it, but i will leave it up for your attn.!


By: Habna - 12-23-2012 05:20 PM
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