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Program menu changes
Feature #: 36
File: LOTRO Skin Editor
Date: 11-23-2011 09:50 PM
By: Modnar
Status: Feature Implemented
I'm lumping these changes together since they have to do with the program's menu (text, not the icons - although you might want to adjust that accordingly).

Reload: Consider adding a reload function that automatically loads the current skin with a single click. This should throw up an "Unsaved data will be lost" warning, but I'm assuming the user goofed and wants to start from scratch. (Text menu only to avoid accidents.)

Enable Versioning: Toggle whether version numbers are added to the SkinDefinition.XML file name. On any save this would result in appending a 0.0.+1 to the existing file name. So if the user loaded "SkinDefinition 1.3.99.XML", when saved it would be renamed to "SkinDefinition 1.3.100.XML". You might want to break this up into separate toggles per numeric section. (BTW, Windows handles numbers in file names as text so you would have to convert them back to numbers in order to perform the math.) This would automatically retain a back-up copy of all changes to the skin.

Visit Webpage: Ok, it's a nice icon but it just takes up too much room. Consider removing the "Visit LotROInterface" link to the menu where users would expect it to be. The rest of that panel has to do with the skin, this icon is not a part of the skin.

Save Skin Indicator: This exists only to show that the values in the application, when compared to the SkinDefinition.XML file, have been changed. The icon's state would be changed when any element's values are changed but should account for being reset to their original values. (Icon only.)

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By: D.H1cks - 11-24-2011 08:20 AM
Reload: should be fine, it will have the same functionality of selecting the current skin in the pulldown menu.

Versioning: Maybe I will add something later.

Visit Webpage: I am going to leave the image in the About Window since the site is mentioned so much. As a side note: I added the image to the main window due to other sites taking the application (and my older skin viewer application) and hosting them on their sites without permission.

Save Skin Indicator: A good idea.
By: D.H1cks - 11-24-2011 05:24 PM
For now I have changed the application to turn the background of the progress bar red whenever a change to a skin has been made. Once the skin is saved again, the background returns to normal.

This is a very visible notice that the skin has changes to be saved.
By: D.H1cks - 11-25-2011 08:37 AM
Going to close this one. Most of the items are implemented except the versioning. I will create a separate feature request for the file versioning.
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