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Beta: Metal Works skin Coming Soon
By: Taffu - 03-13-2007 09:06 AM
Since I released the Stone Age Double skin, I've been working hard on doing a Complete skin utilizing as many of the AssetID's as possible to create a unique & interactive skin that functions & looks great.

So was born a project I've named Metal Works. It's going to be a touch of Steampunk style with classic Metal shading/shadowing. It's coming along very well, and I can't wait to unveil it.

Some of the cooler features I've been working on are:
-Replacement of Buttons with customized versions
-Full UI skin, from the Bottom Bar, to the Borders, right down to the Tooltip
-All buttons in the UI will be fully functional with mouse/pressed/active versions

And since Closed Beta is almost over, I've decided to keep some of the "fun & new" in the game alive, I'm not really going to level anything over 20 at this point...so all my time in-game will really be going towards this one skin. I'll post some preview screenshots soon!

Edit: New! Screen Shot of preliminary Bottom Bar testing.

Things to notice:
-There is a "plate" (which has an outline for alignment) which holds the casting bar to integrate it into the bottom bar graphic.
-Left side has a "cradle" which houses an non-keybound Quickslot bar...intention is use for toggle abilities like Stances to get them off the main bar.
-Fully customized System Buttons which are fully operational and "behave" like real buttons

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