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Oct 23 2012 12:23am
By: Brygard2007 - 10-23-2012 12:37 AM
Finish with the normal main vitals,currently working on the signature vitals and fix some problems with it best I can.

I have encounter a minor problem with the animation ring but its very minor you most likely wont notice anyways.


After I fix the signature vitals I work on the 5 years vitals etc.

Edit#2 11am
Almost nearly done with elite masters vitals,now you cant really tell that the
arc animation is crooked on the circle due to the big outer circle see pic.

Also align the big circle perfectly to fit on top of you vitals when you place the enemies vitals on top of yours.


The regular vitals will be slimmed like your own vitals,only elite masters signature and the anniversary vitals will have the big outer circle's.

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