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Still working on it. Oct 20 2012.
By: Brygard2007 - 10-20-2012 10:11 PM
Just finish with the main toolbar fixing the shows for the buttons,I still need to track down that new icon that switch toolbar.

Despite that my list to do is small the work is consuming,first of all I have track down the skin for particular icon or button etc among the 3000 images in the skin pack.

Next I have to make sure they work and doesn't effect other places of the skin panels,I know I sound like a broken record but for the new people that don't know about it is for you this information.

Also I hope this should give pause before you rate someone skins or my skin a low star rating not that I have problems with it but maybe other Authors do.

Skinning is lot time consuming and sometime we have to do tricks to fix it but before that we have to find a way for skin to work on our UI which is also time consuming.

So please no matter if a skin is so simple in view,the time and work that's goes on it takes our daily time so don't be quickly give other Authors skins Ui low star scores.

Lastly I try my best to finish quickly,I know it's been half a year That I haven't done nothing to my Ui.

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