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Hunter focus re W.I.Ping May 10 2012.
By: Brygard2007 - 05-10-2012 05:13 PM
Had some time today so I'm re looking over the Hunter focus bars and restarting it from scratch.

My objective is to move the pips or buttons more separate from each other instead of clusters for easier visual indications of each pip light when you build up focus.

As stated before it's hard for me to work on arts that are have small size limits for what I want to accomplish.

The thing is some art that comes in the zip package has certain size to edit but sometime the game client don't use all the full size dimension of the art.

For example this pip has the art dimension size by 90x41 but the game client only use lets say 85x30,that means I have to use that size instead of 90x41.

I hate when that happens and sometimes I have to sacrifice that art look for something else.

Right now I'm going to see if I can improve some more before I work on the Champions fervor bars.

Early concepts pic:

Right now I'm going to see if the game doesn't cut my art top part etc.

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