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Still W.I.P ing the purple and also an answer to the fervor or focus bar.
By: Brygard2007 - 04-23-2012 07:53 AM
previously I forogt which version of the ui had the mini straight line meter.

Anyways I removed it for version 5.0 and up to 5.2,the reason was that I forgot who told me but stated it looked awkard and this the reason i remove it.

Currently when I have time I will work on a new fervor and focus art for B.G.M 6 or in this case I will release it as a mini preview patch while I try to finish the purple to version 6.

Here's my answer i wrote to someone asking me about it::
The appearance of the focus / concentration counters was changed.

Is it possible to revert to how it used to look or something more in the style of the rest of UI?

It's not very nice atm and harder to 'count' with just a quick glance.
Yeah i still can't make diagnal lines perfect,so I'm going to use circle buttons for it but I currently haven't made them.

If you notice the mini circle that I have on the minmap(radar map),thats basically what I'm going to do but I saw that some other UI already have them like that so I'm trying to come up with something that stands out abit from the other ui.

I was thinking something like the legendary item that are empty slotted but have a background thats circular kinda hallow.
This a rough prototype pic:

Ignore the red color it will be blackish greyesh like the attack button.

This should give you an idea what I'm trying to do mixed with the style of the legendary item slot.

This should give a clean visual look of how many circle or in this case fervor or focus your at.

The empty slots will be black circle(hollowed),when you build up each hallow will be slotted with a circular color in this case red for fervor and green for focus.
I will see what more I can do,oh the reason I removed the block line fervor or focus is due to someone told me they look awkward like its going to fall of the attack button or like a seesaw something like that.

Oh like I said I tried like the original art with diagnal lines but that came out very awfull look.
Pic: Yes you can point your finger at me and laugh and also say NOOB..

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