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B.G.M Patch#2 for update 6 April 8 2012 edit#2
By: Brygard2007 - 04-08-2012 06:55 PM
Ok good news and sorta bad news.

Bad news is that the patch does not include the cosmetic art that
I'm currently working on.

Didn't have time this Saturday to finish it up and there's more work
then I anticipated.

I had to do or doing lot cut and pasting between two skin arts due to limit
of the cosmetic panel sheet.

The buttons that are located on the right hand side can't be skinned like I did
with the states area on the character sheet.

I had to cut that area and leave as transparent cause any image will be on top of the outfit buttons.

Good news:
Well least character sheet is done and the 2nd patch has it along with other fixes and altered skinned that I made.

You can find the link here for patch 2:

I'm currently working and finding a work around with problem with the cosmetic area sheet.

While I was uploading the skin my light bulp just turn on for my problem.

Looks like I might actually be able to skin the right hand side where the outfit button are but i have skin it over it and the good thing is that the buttons can be clicked even if the skin is over it.

I have to make a some fake buttons for it on the right spot,the bad is that
there's a extra icon to show you what outfit your wearing that wont show up.

The bad news is that there's a small notification icon beneath button of the outfit button,the good news is that at the bottom of the page tells you what outfit slot your wearing.

ok I got to go before the idea goes away from my mind.

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