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Fully Updated... well... nearly!
By: MrJackdaw - 12-05-2010 09:08 AM
All of the plugins are updated and a few new features have crept in here and there. Bevy Bars now has its first extension with the Hider Bar, and can now lock bars. These are both alpha features - who know what could go wrong under this new patch! PopUps works again, as does align.

Warden Indicator is new, and intended for training, rather than permanent use. I really must make that more clear in the Plugins description.

The only plugin that significantly worries me is Sortpack, which was only ever intended as a little side-project. It is very difficult to pin down its bugs, and fixing them has proven to be a nightmare. I am trying to think of some new algorithms to help save this plugin - but they all depend on some decent free space in the players pack. *sigh*

Back to the drawing board!

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