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JRR Skins collection - Release notes
JRR Skins collection release notes :

Version 35.1 - May 05 2023

BGM skins : Fixed festival the horse run progress bar.

Grey wizard wow themes : In opponent vital frame code I disabled the orange animation portrait overlay on major opponents in order to display properly the custom portraits.
The bad point is some bosses wear only a default portrait (like a frog in the Shire) under the orange animated overly and that cannot be changed by skins, nevertheless elite, scion and other will show a nicer portrait.

Grey wizard Gondor theme : I put the correct autoattack button pictures.

Grey wizard - Introducing a second light toolbar WoW inspired theme.

Version 34.0.1 - December 01 2022[/size]

Changes in the skindefinition.xml files :
- Converted tab value from 8 to 4 spaces, making the code looking like less messy.
- Aligned the remaining untamed assertid entries
- Cleaned-up duplicated picture files (assertid) entries

Custom short toolbars slots are now aligned with universal toolbar slots, so locked toolbars (in option menu) 1 to 5 are displayed aligned with the main toolbar by default, which is a bit more beginner's friendly.

Fixed an error in the code of both the Monsters Lairs custom short toolbars !

A few other enhancements here and there, including hobbit gifts panel.

Changes in JRR main theme :
- Reorganized the skindefinition.xml content by panel type and added some comments
- A few changes in the theme, mostly panel backgrounds.
- Added a custom short toolbar profile.

Version 34 - October 26 2022 Major update

General changes :

- This release introduces a new naming applied on ingame themes and in the hard drive sub-themes folders. Its goal is to offer a better overview.
You must delete previous JRR skins collection installation folder before installing this update. (= do not overwrite)
This also means your characters will loose their current theme association, you will have to rebind each of them after the update.
Don't forget the panel customizations (including custom toolbar) will be applied only after the next log in of your character.

Hi, here is the naming chart I defined to rename the profiles, depending their toolbar :

universal = Uses the default toolbar panel code from lotro. It fits with any screen resolution.
Any theme name featuring this word can easily be used by anyone.

custom Indicates that the toolbar is designed using a custom toolbar panel code.
This unfortunately requires to manually edit its skindefinition.xml file with a text editor in order to fit the user's screen resolution (if it is different from the one used in the file).

Short = actually shortened toolbar using a custom toolbar panel code

Light = an universal toolbar visually shortened by turning invisible the side buttons.

wide = full length toolbar.

utrawide = extra length toolbar.

- Any theme including the word "Custom" in his name is designed for advanced users. Any other theme use an universal toolbar.
Custom toolbar themes require to manually edit their skindefinition.xml file to fit user's game screen resolution in order to locate the toolbar at the right place on your screen.

- I enlarged the target of target vital frame, targeted objects frame is almost unchanged.

- I suppressed some deprecated panel customization codes:
* "panel displayed when applying an item on a legendary Item"
* "Taller legendary item dismantling result window"
* "Taller Legacy Extraction panel"
* "Store button removal in relic master panel"
* "Expanded master loot window"
* "Store button removal in wallet panel"

- I Fixed many missing or uncorrect anniversary portraits.

- I reworked the frame of monter play anniversary portraits plus many old portraits like good and evil NPCs.

- I Fixed and customized as much as possible the brawler's mettle meter on most skins. The 9th pip remains unsupported by skins at the present day.

Theme changes :

- "Fifty Shades of Grey wizard" had his name shortened in "Grey Wizard".

- "JRR *A*" "JRR *B*" and "JRR *C*" have been renamed "JRR Bree" as they are a Bree themed edition of the former JRR main theme.

- "JRR *D*" has been renamed "JRR Main theme" and has been reworked in 2 versions : Translucent and opaque panels.

- I fixed the issue with the toolbar from Monster's Lair Custom short toolbar theme.

- I turned invisible the XP bar from "the white hand" light toolbar edition.

- I suppressed the slight transparency in "Grey wizard" themes except for "Wide WoW" edition.

Version 33.2b - September 20 2022

- Added a toolbar theme in fifty shades of grey wizard: An updated edition of the toolbar from "Gondor Movie Theme", by Supermax. https://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info117

- Added and enhanced a little bit the 3 supporter packs portrait frames.

Version 33.2 - August 18 2022

Many default poorly designed vital bar frame pictures haven been reworked in order to obtain a better centering for both the portrait and the level text.

Please note, however, the reactivation in JRR skins v33.1 of a portion of code dedicated to correct zooming bugs and the decentering of 3D portraits introduced by update 33.1 has also reactivated an old bug associated with it,
affecting people who do not play with 1.00 size scale of the player vital frame from the game options:
The 3D portrait in vital bars shrink or enlarge each time you enter or exit an instance or an area! Have a look on the FAQ on JRR Skins download page for solutions.

Version 33.1 - August 13 2022

Lotro update 33.1 introduced some bugs in player and opponent vital frames : zooming and shifting of the 3D portrait + sending at the background the name, the kinship, the PVP rank icon, the voice chat icon...
This update fixes ONLY the 3D portrait and shifts the player name a bit at the right.
I cannot send back elements to the front layer.

I also added about a hundred vital bar pictures (player/opponent/party member), making easy to customize them at a later time.
A special thank to Lunarwtr for his unofficial U33 skinning pack which made this possible.

Version 33 - March 22 2022

This update adds only a very partial fix for brawler mettle bar on themes using a custom toolbar. There is no skinning support to do better for now.

Version 28.2 - December 15 2020

Merry end of year celebrations !

You must delete any previous JRR Skins Collection installation folder content before updating to this this version.

- Renamed some sub-themes to clearly indicate which skins have a custom toolbar (meaning you have to manually edit their skindefinition.xml file in order to properly position the toolbar, depending your screen resolution).
So, on some themes, you will have to re-select it on your character with the new name.
- New sub theme for Monster's lair with a custom short toolbar featuring an "efficiency" meter bar for champion's fervor, runekeeper's attunement and spider weaver's venom.
Tu enable it on runekeepers, you need to have "small attunement" selected in lotro options panel.
- New sub-theme for Monster's lair with a short toolbar BGM styled.
- New sub-theme for BGM skin : A custom short toolbar featuring an "efficiency" meter bar for champion's fervor, runekeeper's attunement and spider weaver's venom.
- New sub-theme for fifty shades of grey wizard : A large wow inspired toolbar.
- Fixed a minimap missing picture in BGM translucent theme.
- Instance finder : Enhanced a few designs of location choices.
- A few other miscellaneous minor enhancements.

Version 28 - October 28 2020

- Delving Hills : Added a new universal short toolbar theme profile.
- Delving Hills : Designed a new VIP portrait.
- BGM : re-designed the radar.
- 50 shades of grey wizard : Reworked the loading screen of the WoW tribute sub-theme.

Version 27.3 - August 15 2020

- I only reworked the fellowship vital portrait and the loading screen from Fifty Shades of Grey Wizard - WoW.

Version 27.2 - August 12 2020

- Added a small World of Warcraft tribute sub-theme to Fifty Shades of Grey Wizard".

Version 26.1 - May 29 2020

- Just a few small fixes and enhancements mainly focused on the private messages tab from the chat window.

Version 25.3 - February 09 2020

- I reorganized the icons from the character panel's outfits tab.

- Fixed missing alert icon for instance cooldown after 10 uses in an hour.
- Almost nothing more.

Version 25 - Super update part II - November 05 2019

- JRR main theme :
- JRR A, B & C are now Bree themed.
- Added a theme variation: JRR D. This one is no Bree themed and offers much more opaque panels than A, B & C.

- BGM opaque :
- Added a light universal toolbar theme variation. It's xp progress bar is INVISIBLE. Side buttons are turned invisible but are still active.
If you want a visible XP bar and/or disabled side buttons, use the opaque or translucent *short* themes (which uses a custom toolbar code, requiring to manually edit a line in their respective skindefinition.xml file, to adapt the toolbar location to your screen resolution).

- Spirit of Elfwood :
Panels are now much less transparent.

- Fifty Shades of Grey Wizard - Draigoch toolbar profile :
- Added an extra thin xp progress bar + left and right markers.
- Reduced the size of the main toolbar.

- Various themes :
- Fixed some informative icons displayed grey
- Added / changed some panel backgrounds in character sheet, outfits gallery, dress room and biography.
- Recolored some big "pay" button (stable master, house...)
- Redesigned the content of the stable master panel
- Many other enhancements here and there

Version 24.3.1 - Super update - October 03 2019

Various themes

- Many improvements depending themes, in various panels, such as hobbit gifts, big battles, traits, mounted combat, quest action button, skirmish soldiers portraits, notification icons, collections, filters, allegiances...
- Fixed the elements "housing_enterneighborhood_bg" which was deprecated by a Lotro update.
- Fixed and the outfit 7 & 8 backgrounds

GreenLeaves theme

- Added a short toolbar profile
- Reworked many elements
- Deeper customization within the *cold* edition.

The White Hand theme

- The short toolbar will no longer display the side menu icons when hovering them with mouse

BGM theme

- Fixed the aura icons frames on the character panel
- Refreshed the outfit panel elements
- Some elements imported from the great "Black Glass Remix" theme by Tangaar

Version 24.2.3 - September 10 2019

- Added a short toolbar profile for Erebor theme.
- Changed the version number of JRR skins to the lotro current update number (no more useless JRR major version number before the lotro update number).
- Fixed the milestone panel issue in Greenleaves cold.
- Changed the size of many invisible picture elements from 1 x 1 pixel to they default full size, just in case it would affect positively the computer's performance, for example in barter panel or wallet, but I can't promise any gain !
- Moved some picture files incorrectly located in "Big Battles" folder to "Housing" folder.
- The skin package contains a .skincompendium extension file, based on the same model than the .plugincompendium in case someone would add the ability in the Plugin Compendium software to manage the skins in addition of the plugins, or create a new plugin+skins software manager.

Version 7.24.2 - August 17 2019

- Customized the voice chat activity status icon, applied on all themes.
- Added a theme variation for fifty shades of grey wizard : A "Draigoch" light toolbar edition, based on Draigoch Main Bar Version by Varim"

- Custom Mordor player portraits designed for Delving Hills, Durin's folk, Eorlingas, Erebor.
- Some custom opponent player portraits now correctly show default opponent player portrait on Erebor theme.
- Redesigned "scion" opponent portraits in Erebor.

Version 7.24.b - June 06 2019

Deeper customization of the virtues traits panel + barbershop + instance finder.

Version 7.24 Vales of Anduin - June 06 2019

- Added a (slight) theme variation : Greenleaves Cold edition
- customized some new elements (mostly virtues panel and portraits) based on U24 skinning pack source

Version 7.23.5 - April 29 2019

- I reworked some anniversary portraits in the range 10 to 12 years
- Added the 12th anniversary portrait for every theme, including monster play.
- The monster play portraits are ready to reach the 14th anniversary !

Version 7.23.4 - March 25 2019

- Fixed "buy more mithril coins" button location on the barter panel.
- Fixed the location of the text and the select button for the 8th cosmetic equipment in the inspect panel
- Fix : In the previous JRR pack, I forgot to remove the code of the extended quest book in AUC themes, this is now done.
- Monsters Lair : more compact target of the target vital bar.

Version 7.23.2 - January 09 2019

- Removed the code of the extended quest book as it became obsolete and causing display issues with update 23.2
- Delving Hill Large toolbar profile theme now displays the original Delving Hills minimap

Version - December 21 2018 End of year celebrations JRR gift update !

- Added 3 new subthemes : Enjoy a "Light" toolbar edition of Spirit of Elfwood, Fifty Shades of Grey Wizard and AuC !
The difference with the regular version is a shorter toolbar with side FX buttons turned invisible (but still working, beware of your clicks ^^) and XP progress bar turned invisible too.

No side buttons, no xp progess bar

- Partial fix for the new issue appeared the quest panel. Should be fully fixed with lotro update 23.2

Version 6.22.4 - July 27 2018

- Updated/fixed the extended quest panel for lotro update 22.4

Version - May 07 2018

- Recolored remaining blueish elements in filter panel
- BGM skins : Updated filter and allegiance panels based on the work of Tangaar in his new release of "Black Glass Remix".
- filter menu buttons customized on all themes
- Panel customizations :
- An extended inspect panel is now applied on all the themes.
- Fixed and updated the Panel displayed when applying an item on a legendary Item. It was affected by a lotro client update.

Version 6.22.1 - April 02 2018

- Renamed " _Erebor ..." theme profiles to " Erebor ..." to avoid the risk of conflict with undeleted obsolete version of erebor skin.
- Redesigned the travel to instance button.

Version 6.22 - April 01 2018

- JRR Erebor theme is no more an addon and is now a part of the main JRR pack, porting to 28 the number of themes and variations included in the main pack !
If you had the Erebor theme previously installed, please delete its old installation folder to avoid conflict with the new one.

- Delving Hills theme have now a third toolbar profile (theme variation).

- Based on the Update 22 skinning pack, many icons are recolored (no more blue based).
- A few portraits have been enhanced.
- 2 loading screens have been changed.
- A few enhancements in Monsters Lair theme.
- Some other changes and enhancements here and there.

Version 5.21.3 - December 28 2017 New content update !

- Collection panel icons and backgrounds.
- BGM theme : updated and enhanced, based on the work made by Tangaar on his edition of Black Glass Remix.
- Lotro store frame border customized.
- Some changes in legendary items progression panel and in housing panel.
- Changed and added some anniversary and special portraits.
- Alert icons : Mail, hobbit gifts and some others.

Version 5.21.2 - October 28 2017
This update re-enables the toolbar's slots banks switching buttons(sword, shield and horse icons) on custom toolbar.

Version 5.21 - October 21 2017

Lotro update 21.2 introduced 2 new filter buttons on the quest log panel.
This JRR skins pack update consists only in a hotfix and a re-balancing of this panel to relocate the new buttons at the bottom of the panel.
A special big thank to Siloren (software engineer in Standing Stones Games) for working and communicating about the panel code entries which made this fix possible.
Of course thanks too to Andvarion, ScottK and Osdor for informing about this issue and about the solution offered by Siloren.

Version 5.17 - December 23 2015 New major version ! End of year celebrations JRR gift update !

JRR Skins Collection is entering its fifth chapter :

- Version five contains one more theme : "Fifty Shades of Grey Wizard" is a raised-to-life edition of "Greyskin UI" created by Maximoz in 2007, and abandoned the same year.
I've fixed, updated and filled up the theme with the standard JRR UI environment (mostly based on BGM skin elements).

- There already was a JRR addon called "Greyskin". Until now, it only featured a revival of a toolbar from GreySkin UI, embedded in a JRR based theme.
The short grey custom toolbar is now integrated in the same theme than "Fifty Shades of Grey Wizard".
There is still a second short custom toolbar, a black one, it remains associated with the black JRR basic theme.
I've redesigned the both toolbars for a better looking.

- It looks like Turbine inverted two frames in the auto attack buttons sequences, I dunno when. I've fixed them on all JRR skins and addons.

- Added a variation in Delving Hills auto-attack button : Clicking the button opens the door, us usual, but this time the hobbit don't show up until you really attack something !

- Changed the toolbar's fervor/concentration meter on Monster's Lair, The White Hand and Greyskin addon.

- Added/enhanced some auction panel backgrounds.

- Improved the integration of the themes with monster play.

- Modified a lot of portraits and added some others: Winter festival , VIP and anniversary.

- Enhanced a few character panel's equipment and appearance tabs.

- Changed the background color of a few "dressrooms".

- Changed a little bit how the name of the target is displayed on the portrait, to better support very long names.

- A lot of other minor changes/enhancements here and there.

Version 4.17 - December 01 2015

- Imbued legendary items have a higher xp progress bar bigger than the non-imbued ones, the frame has been adjusted to fit with the new size.
- Delving Hills inventory bags background is more translucent.
- The skill banks switching buttons (sword/shield/horse) became 99% obsolete since Update 12, as it seems Turbine will never fix the "amnesic" shield bank.
This JRR Skins Collection update hides this function on custom toolbars (Delving Hills short / BGM short / Monsters lairs short and on JRR addons), this means you won't anymore click accidentally on it during a fight !
Please note that "BGM short" both toolbars have now their lotro store button located at the right.
- Nothing more, nothing less. Turbine engineers haven't published new skinning pack updates since U14 (July 2014).

Version 4.16 - August 12 2015

- Added : Taller Panel displayed when applying an item (scroll, crystal, xp...) on a legendary Item. Now displays 8 LI instead of 6 by default.
- Added : Compact connection Status icon. Now you can stick it to the left of your screen or to the right of an UI element.
- Added : Taller enemies tracking panel. Now displays 20 names at once instead of 8 by default.
- Lighter main alert icon.

Version 4.15 - February 17 2015

- Customized the inventory bags buttons.
- Customized the menu buttons "mail" and "collections" to fit each skin menu and toolbar's design.
- Several player and opponent vip and anniversary vital bars have been added or changed.
- Anniversary vital bars are now ready to display until the 9th !
- Legendary items placed in 8th and 9 th slot of the legendary items panel had their icon grey, this is now fixed.
- In quest book panel, a button called "add slots" was not well located, this is now fixed.
- Several minor other changes / enhancements in various skins.

Version 4.14b - Very minor update -November 11 2014
(Note to the players of the Lotro Russian servers : This JRR update is compliant with U14.x lotro client)

- BGM skin : I've replaced the panels invisible "close" button by a black cross.
- Fixed a minor display issue on the extended loot window (which was showing a bit more than 20 items).
- Added an icon on locked travels on the stable master panel.
- warden class : I've disabled the gambit combo name removal. This means now combo names will be displayed.

The combo name can be turned invisible in skindefinition.xml by replacing this paragraph :

 <!-- Gambit combo name removal 
 <PanelFile ID="ID_UISkin_GamePlay_GambitBar">
 <Element ID="GamePlay_GambitBar" X="710" Y="591" Width="281" Height="118">
 <Element ID="GambitBar" X="0" Y="20" Width="281" Height="98">
 <Element ID="GambitWindow_GambitCashout_Name" X="0" Y="0" Width="1" Height="1"> </Element>
with this one :
 <!-- Gambit combo name removal  -->
 <PanelFile ID="ID_UISkin_GamePlay_GambitBar">
 <Element ID="GamePlay_GambitBar" X="710" Y="591" Width="281" Height="118">
 <Element ID="GambitBar" X="0" Y="20" Width="281" Height="98">
 <Element ID="GambitWindow_GambitCashout_Name" X="0" Y="0" Width="1" Height="1"> </Element>

Version 4.14 - August 09 2014 (Note for Russian servers players : This update is compliant with Update 13 lotro client)

- added 7th anniversary portraits on most skins.
- inserted a fix in auction house and inspect window, to correctly display "lv100" on french (and probably german) lotro clients.
- Some changes on player xp bars.
- Some other minor enhancements.

Version 4.13 - May 01 2014

- This update only consists into a customization of the 4 new bags greyed icons introduced in Update 13.

Version 4.12 February 01 2014 - Helm's deep release !

- Fixed the customization of the tooltip windows.
- Customized the traits panel.
- Customized the big battles panels.
- Updated character's panel level shield background.
- Customized the pop up class skill slots.
- Delving Hills : Panels have a new title bar.
- All skins : Some vital bars have been enhanced.
- Customized the "great battles" toolbar menu icon.
- Updated the player & opponent vital codes.
- Many minor enhancements on most skins.

- Some issues were self fixed with the official Lotro update 12.2 :
- The custom design of the VIP portraits.
- The custom design of the expandable store button from legendary item panel.
- The custom design of the expandable store button from war steed "stats" tab.

Version 4.11b December 16 2013 - No big deal in this update, mainly a hotfix for Update 12.1

- Fixed the issue on the "opponent" portrait introduced by update 12.1
- Added a new skin profile : BGM translucent short.
- REMOVED the obsolete code dedicated to re-organize the virtues by categories.
- Customized the new "traits" panel "ghosted" icon
- Changed the map's quest tracker on most skins

Not fixed neither fixable until Turbine releases an update of the Lotro skinning pack :
- Virtues panel background picture de-customized
- VIP portraits de-customized
- tooltip window de-customized.
- Store button de-customized one more time : fuck it
- Customization of the "great battles" icon.
- Customization of the "alerts" & "hobbit gift" popup icons

Won't probably never be fixable :
- vault storage partially de-customized : bottom and top decoration pictures are not recoverable.
- Join instance panel partially de-customized : background picture is not recoverable.

Version 4.11 October 13 2013 Major update

- CHANGED : Panels from JRR translucent skins and addons (JRR A,B,C, BGM translucent, SmallBar, Greyskin) are now 25% less translucent.
- CHANGED : After several users requests I enabled the display of the custom opponent anniversary/VIP/festival portraits on most themes (but not all), some vital bars have been enhanced/added.
- Eorlingas : A huge lot of changes in both themes.
- JappMe : Both themes have now a (very) little bit customized vitals set.
- All skins : Removed the obsolete wallet custom code.
- A ton of various minor enhancements on all the skins !

Version 4.10b August 26 2013

- It fixes the recent performance drop / freezing effect mentioned by four users on panels including a scrollbar.

Version 4.10 August 23 2013

- "BGM Short" and "Monster's Lair Short" toolbars can now easily be located at the left or at the right at the screen. The "X" value required to center the toolbar has changed.
- Auction house : Moved the "unlock slots" button, to the bottom left of the panel.
- Vital bars : Player and opponent vital bars no more have the default 1 pixel shift between heath and power bars.
- Changed/enhanced a few auction panel backgrounds.
- Durin's Folk : Fixed a minor issue with a panel corner which had a wrong background color.
- Eorlingas now have anniversary portraits from 1 year to 7, created from the opponent vital bars of "Riders of the Riddermark by Supermax".
- Some other slight enhancements on various themes !

Version 4.9 July 25 2013 (for Update 11.x lotro client)

- I've extended the crafting Panel, the Legacy Extraction Panel, and the Legendary Item Dismantling Result window.
- Fixed/adjusted the Weaver (monster play) venom pip meter on every JRR toolbars, including its two addons and JRR Azure Glass.
- Reworked the quest log main bar to fix many French and German minor localization issues.
- JRR A/B/C title bars have been turned into BGM style.
- Fixed many minor German localization issues on auction panel.
- Dressing room : Enhanced the dye panel design and the drag bar, on some themes I customized a bit more the dye panel to better fit with the skin, especially on BGM skins.
- Re-worked the colored bars from the stable master's travel panel.

Version 4.8 June 20 2013 (for Update 11.x lotro client)

- Integrated some new elements from Update 11.1 skinning pack.
- Fixed the "grey frame" store buttons. Their picture files were incorrectly indicated as "removed" in the official update 10 skinning pack !
- Customized the heroes and monster players opponent and fellowship "VIP" vital bars.
- Customized the "lotro store", "mounted combat" and "fellowship maker" toolbar/system buttons.
- BGM : Changed the close panel "X" button. Now it is invisible when the mouse is not over it.
- Many other minor enhancements.

Version 4.7 May 11 2013 (Update 11 release)

- Customized a few new elements from update 11
- Updated the deed log code to include Wildermore region
- Spirits of Elfwood : Fixed the character panel cosmetic tab mislocated picture
- A few minor enhancements on several skins

Version 4.6b April 21 2013 Critical update (for Update 10 lotro client)

- A bug introduced in v4.6 was blocking the display of the master loot panel and the need/greed/pass window (present in non-scalable instances), this is now fixed, thanks to DaBear78my for reporting me this issue and my apologies for it.
- updated the 6 years anniversary portraits in Delving Hills.
- Fixed the winter festival opponent portrait in AuC.

Version 4.6 april 16 2013 (for Update 10 lotro client)

- I've skinned the remote looting window and the Lotro Store panel borders.
- I've drawn a more visible red frame around unusable item icons.
- Delving Hills theme : A few minor additions, based on the original "Delving Hills" release v1.19, created and maintained by Wicked Mouse. Drawn the 6 years anniversary portraits.
- I re-wrote the credit informations in each Skindefinition.xml files to convert it into a short introduction speech.
- I changed my monitor, the consequence is that the skins based on a custom toolbar (delving hills short, BGM opaque short and Monsters Lair short) are now tuned by default for 2560x1440 resolution.
- Still not found the stable master panel background element name/code
- Modified the extended master loot windows panel code.

Version 4.5 March 07 2013 Update 10 release

- Fixes the many awful panel display issues.
- Customized the winter festival player vital.
- Customized the 6th anniversary player and opponent vitals on several skins.

Version 4.4 February 22 2013 regular update (for Update 9.1.1 lotro client)

- All skins : Enhanced the "war" panel and the war steed "vital" panel.
- BGM : floating quickslot toolbars in BGM translucent are now... translucent ^^
- New theme : BGM Opaque Short. It is the same than BGM opaque, excepted its toolbar is a custom compact one, without the side buttons.
Since it is not an universal toolbar, it requires you manually edit its skindefinition.xml file to adapt the toolbar position to your screen resolution.
- Monsters Lair : The option panel was good looking on the French Lotro client but not on the English one, this is now fixed !
- Many minor enhancements on various skins.

Version 4.3b February 06 2013 Minor update (for Update 9.1.1 lotro client)

- Removed the magnifying glass appeared on bags with the last Lotro update.
- Updated BGM both themes, by importing and adapting some elements from unfinished Black Glass Mix 6 purple by Brygard.
- The stable master panel isn't still updated since Turbine hasn't yet published the skinning pack update dedicated to provide authors the required codes and elements.

Version 4.2 October 29 2012 Update 8 - Riders of Rohan.

- Please manually delete any previous installation of JRR and its addons before installing v4.2
(MMOUI Minion users are not concerned)

General changes :

- Customized the war steed panel and war steed vitals.
- Customized the temporary loot window.
- Customized the quest pop-up bar.
- Customized the "open" monsters vitals expansion, and redrawn many opponent vitals to better fit with it.
- Customized the 2 new legendary item slots, modified a bit the previous ones.
- Customized a ton of new "buy now" buttons...
- Customized the "plugins manager" button.
- Updated the player and opponent vital bars codes (used to modify the position of the PVP rank icon)

Individual skin changes :

- Monsters Lair short and Delving Hills short : Re-wrote the textual help in their respective skindefinition.xml file.
- Delving Hills : Added and completed the housing permission management icons from "Delving Hills", by Wicked Mouse.
- Durin's Folk : Added a new color set : Black, and added a few elements in housing permissions management panel.
- BGM : Added the runekeeper toolbar mini attunement meter, freshly designed by Brygard.
- GreenLeaves and Azure Glass : The map player locator has been restore to the default red arrrow ^^

Version 4.1 October 11 2012 Riders of Rohan pre-release.

- Major update, please manually delete any previous installation of JRR and its addons before installing v4.1
(MMOUI Minion users are not concerned)

- I redrawn all the toolbars to fit with the new requirements, and added the new skills Banks switching elements.
- Extended (in height) the master loot list panel from 10 items max shown simultaneously to 14.
- Removed the hidden bonus skin (Monster's Lair - Old Style toolbar).
- Updated the code of the deed log, to remove the "accelerate" store buttons from the Rohan tab.
- Added, in Spirit od Elfwood, a few new elements from Spirits of Elfwood Reborn v7.1, updated by ElfHeart.
- Some graphical enhancements on various skins.

- Known issues : Delving Hills Short and Monsters Lair Short require to set the Toolbars scale other than 1.00 (1.01 is ok) (in option panel -> UI Settings) to get the skills and buttons clickable.
The system buttons located at the right side of the toolbars will be at the right place as from October 15, when Riders Of Rohan expansion will be live.
- War steed legendary item panel, new loot window and other new graphic elements will be skinned in a future update.

Version v4.0 09/11/2012 Major update.

- Major update, please manually delete any previous installations of JRR and its addons before installing v4.

- JRR and its addons are now supporting update softwares.
Here is more information about MMOUI Minion update software.

- An important folder reorganization was proceed to make this possible :
  • The zip file internal folders structure has changed, no more "path finder" helping folders.
  • "JRR V2" main folder is renamed "JRR Skins collection".
  • The downloadable addons are no more installed inside the JRR main folder, but beside.
  • Except these points, the regular "manual" installation/update processes remain unchanged.

- Bugfix : I Disabled the instance finder customizations code to solve an issue concerning its resizing capabilities.
The reason is a recent lotro update (7.3.1 I guess), which secretly introduced a new version of the Instance finder panel code, featured until now on Bullroarer.

- Other skins contents are almost the same than in JRR v3.4b

Version v3.4b 08/25/2012 Minor update.

- I Re-organised the virtues positions on the "circle" virtues panel. The previous arrangement, realized by Artificieren, was outdated since Rise of Isengard expansion was released.
- Fixed a picture wrong location in Spirits of Eflwood's skill panel, occurring when passing the mouse over a skill.
- Fixed a picture wrong location in BGM both profiles in skill trainer panel.
- Greenleaves now displays "Kaylan's Scroll Action Bar" reworked elements as panel borders and panel titles.
- Some other minor changes in Greenleaves.
- Modified a bit the the crafting panel's title-bar height position
- A few other minor enhancements on various skins.

Version v3.4 08/08/2012

- I've split "JRR_BGM" theme in two profiles : "Opaque" and "Translucent", and imported (and adapted) many B.G.M v5.2 elements in it.
- Instance finder panel : Fixed 2 French localization issues, removed the lotro store buttons, and centered the "join now" button.
- Many minor enhancements on all skins.

Version v3.3 07/26/2012
- Various minor enhancements on several skins.
- Less store buttons within the panels, more details on this page
- New quest tracker icon set, from Eclipse UI.
- Redesigned secure trade panel backgrounds
- Fixed the highlight circle around bag icons.

Version v3.2 07/17/2012
- Some enhancements mainly focused on mailbox and virtue trait panels.
- Spirit of Elfwood instance finder and item advancement panels updated by importing elements from ElfHeart's Spirit of Elfwood Reborn v.7.

Version v3.1 07/10/2012
- Some minor content additions and enhancements.
- Partially fixed the option panel blue frames issue, introduced in the last Lotro client update.

Version v3.0 06/22/2012
- I worked to enhance every skin and added many new panel backgrounds !

Version v2.9b 06/12/2012
- Fixed a display issue (undesired text title) on bag 6.

Version v2.9a Minor update 05/25/2012
- Minor enhancements concerning borders on dress room panel and bottom border on auction house panel.
- JRR default panel borders become a translucent variant of Brygard's BGM 5.2 ones, the panels opacity remains the same than before v2.9

Version v2.8d Very minor update 05/19/2012
- Designed the missing 4 years anniversary fellowship portrait file in "Delving hills".

Version v2.8c 05/15/2012
- Redesigned many 6th bag buttons.
- Slightly enhanced GreenLeaves toolbar design.
- Replaced the BGM toolbar with the new Brygard's one.

Version v2.8b released 5 mins after v2.8 !
- Integrated the new B.G.M Hunters - Champions PIP that Brygard released while I was uploading JRR v2.8 ^^

Version v2.8 Critical update 05/14/2012

- I re-designed all the toolbars to fit the update 7 requirements ! (6th bag button added, all other buttons + quickslot moved).
- Added player custom anniversary portraits on : AUC, Delving Hills, BGM + all skins using JRR regular vitals.
- Integrated the new BGM hunter focus on BGM.
- Added a reworked whole vitals set to Delving hills large & short, based on the the Delving Hill v1.15 ones.
- Fixed a minor French localization issue on the auction house panel.
- Introduced a reforged crafting panel, intended to fix German and French localization issues.
- Changed the default ready-check response icons.

Version v2.7b 04/28/2012
- Self centering toolbar method introduced on "Delving hills short" and "Monsters Lair short" is abandoned, due to a major issue.
Manual toolbar centering is set instead.
Edit (with Wordpad or any text editor) their respective "skindefinition.xml" file to proceed, explanations are logged inside.
- Redesigned Delving Hills Small toolbar, now it is actually short !

Version v2.7 04/24/2012
- Added a "short" Delving Hills toolbar profile, based on the original "Delving Hills Small" by Wicked Mouse.
- Introduced an exclusive "Short" Monsters Lairs toolbar profile, based on an outdated minimalistic toolbar, by AP Erebus.
- Some modifications in Eorlingas vitals.
- When playing a hero, Monsters Lair now displays anniversary monster vitals instead of hero ones.
- Monsters lair wallet now reproduces the official monster play one.

Version v2.6 04/19/2012
- Added some code to deal with 5th anniversary new vitals, with different behavior depending skins.
- Added new monster play anniversary vitals in a JRR edition.
- Some vitals enhancements / additions / fixes.
- The white Hand both tool bars are a bit enhanced for monster play.

Version v2.5b 04/17/2012
- I forgot to resize two pictures on v2.5, this is now fixed.

Version v2.5 04/17/2012
- Some fixes for the Lotro's 5th anniversary happy UI breaking.

Version v2.4b 04/07/2012
Corrected an error on loremaster's analyze panel. (just renamed in "JRR CORE" folder the "Analyse" folder into "Analyze" with a "Z".)

Version v2.4 07/04/2012
- Many enhancements in war panel, wallet, join instance, soldier vitals, plugin manager.
- Fixed the player/opponent portrait becoming smaller or bigger after every area loading (it occurred only if vital scale wasn't set to 1.0)

Version v2.3b 03/20/2012
- Fixes a missing picture file on Monsters Lair travel panel.

Version v2.3. 03/20/2012

- Introduced a home made extended quest panel (768 pixels height hardware display compliant). You should now instantly see the reward of almost every selected quest !
It also fixes a French localization issue.

- Introduced a redesigned pvp rank icons set which integrates a mini numerical display.
Defaults PVP ranks icons can be restored by copy-pasting the files contained in
"Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\ui\skins\JRR v2\JRR CORE\pvp_rank\ORIGINAL FILES" in the parent folder.
(This is a shared resource within all JRR skins)

- Introduced a slightly modified player/opponent vital bar's code to fix the crappy default display of pvp ranks.

- Wicky71 fix v0.2 for German client's Auction panel has been applied,
I edited it to also fix a French client display issue,
and reduced it to 768 pixels height for low resolutions hardware compatibility (and save my auction backgrounds in the same way ).

- Modified a bit the extended barter panel.

- Updated BGM auto attack button and player/opponent vitals.

- A few modifications in "Monsters Lair" to make it look a bit closer than the lotro's monster play.

Version v2.2 - Critical update. 03-12-2012 - For lotro's UPDATE 6

Please delete any previous JRR installation folder before installing the updated one.

- A huge amount of various enhancements !
- Removed "Eorlingas Grey" addon, replaced by "Eorlingas *Large*".
- Many enhancements on "Eorlingas" and "Spirit of elfwood", mainly based on the great work of ElfHeart !
- Partially revamped "Delving Hills".

Version v2.1 01-27-2012

- A huge amount of minor enhancements !
- Some new contents, mostly panel backgrounds.

Version v2.0 01-20-2012

Important : V2 can't be used to update v1, it has a different folder structure. In other words, to make it run properly you MUST delete any JRR installation folder (including addons) previous to v2..

- Hundreds of enhancements and updates !
- Added a theme : " JappMe large ", based on "Jappme Isengard" by Jappme.
- Added a theme : " JRR *C* " : An increased transparency/invisibility theme, still based on an universal toolbar.
- Added a theme : " Durin's Folk *short* ".
- Added a complete monster play looking theme.
- Added 3 panels, built from Isil 4 ones : Instance finder, plugin manager and legendary item progress tracker.
- Durin's folk displays now its full original content, updated. Same thing for AuC in a lesser way.

Version v1.8.1 12-09-2011
- Many enhancements on skirmish traits panels.
- Some light enhancements on mode A & B toolbars & The white hand.
- Updated Greenleaves toolbar.
- Improved the old monster play toolbar
- Added the new default monster play toolbar.
- And much more ...

Version v1.8 11-29-2011
- Updated vault, minimap icons, instance join (no more "epic" skirmishes golden overlay), etc...
- New milestone panel (from Brygard's BGM5).
- Updated BGM theme's toolbar and character panel.
- Various other improvements.

Version v1.7c 11-04-2011
Some minor improvements.

Version v1.7b for lotro update 4

- New exclusive theme : JRR white hand S a mini bar edition of JRR white hand.
- Major update of JRR JappMe, the panels design now fits with JappMe Isengard's ones, freshly released by JappMe !
- Modifications in virtues/traits panels to clearly see which traits are slotted.
- A few other design improvements.

Version v1.7
- New character panel
- Some graphical customizations
- Some little enhancements

Version v1.6b 10-01-2011
Fixed a missing file causing minimap "no hope, no dread" gem displaying a grey frame.
If you have installed v1.6 over v1.5 you should not encounter this issue, then you shouldn't need this update.

Version v1.6
- Some bug fixes
- A few enhancements
- New wallet panel
- New area loading window stamped "Rise Of Isengard".

Version v1.5 09-08-2011
- New panel designs : NPC quest giver, secure trade, inspect, skills, barter, lfp, inspect legendary items, and much more !
- Minimap redrawn.
- Improved vital bars for no 3D portraits.
- Improved mode A & B toolbars designs.
- Some theming customizations in AuC.
- "Monster time" is now named "Monster Play".

Version v1.4b 08-30-2011
-Fixed a location issue on the map introduced in v1.4.
-Changed the virtues background for a better visibility.
-Modified the "transparent map tracker" for a better visibility.

Version v1.4
- Integrated VirtuesOrganized to display the virtues in a coherent order.
- The map is now displayed in a 1024x768 pixels fixed window.
- Vault, wardrobe and shared storage panels get dark transparency.
- Character panel have a custom background.

Version v1.3 08-28-2011
- pet's vital bar's color modified
- minimap's hope/dread gems modified
- minimaps modified
- some theme designs enhancements
- progress bars changed
- party members vital bars darkened (in squad mode, not in raid)
- dressing room's code enhanced.
- custom dressing room backgrounds added to "delving hills", "the white hand", "Jappme Ivy", "Eorlingas mini".
- Compilation's weight reduced.
- "AuC" vital bars restored to client default.

Version v1.2 08-22-2011
- Modified/enhanced many vital bars designs.
- Skirmish soldier and pet have now black vital icons.
- A few minor main theme design enhancements.

Version v1.1 07-23-2011
- Added a dark custom start menu, applied on 8 themes.
- Added a custom black "target of the target" vital.
- Modified the vendor selectors highlights.

Initial release v1.0 07-15-2011

- Any theme/addon folder (beginning by a "_") can be deleted without compromising the other ones.
- Mode A corresponds to mainbar with all buttons at its left and right sides.
- Mode B corresponds to mainbar with default right side buttons turned invisibles (5 bags, join instance, help)
These invisible buttons can be covered by a main bar extension, from TonicBars for example,
the buttons will not be considered at the foreground and will not be activated when you click on a skill.
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