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MMOUI Minion/LotROnion support
Keep Eclipse UI updated with MMOUI Minion/LotROnion!

What's MMOUI Minion?
It's a simple, easy to use client that lets you manage your addons, update them all with a single click (or update them automatically when new versions come out), and does it all with the full permission of the authors and the sites involved - without gimping your features or your download speeds.

Official MMOUI Minion details here.

What's LotROnion?
It's a plugin that lets your LotRO addons detected and updated by the Minion.

Official LotROnion details here.

So, how to make this work?
First, you must have Eclipse UI installed, of course.
Then you have to download and install a java-based app (Minion) plus its module (LotROnion).
That's pretty much all. Follow the steps below.


Step 1

Make sure you have the latest Java installed on your computer.

Step 2

Download the latest MMOUI Minion.

Install it.
Installation help

Note: The wowinterface.com plugin no longer required to have installed with the Minion.

Step 3

Download the latest LotROnion plugin.

Unzip the .jar file.

Step 4

Start the Minion and from the top-menu open 'Tools' > 'Module Center' > press 'Update Core' button to update the client > press 'Install Module...' button to browse for the unzipped LotROnion jar file.

Step 5

The Minion now can detect LOTRO addons, including Eclipse UI in the interface list. It shows the latest version available, ready to be updated if needed.


Note 1

First time using the Minion it asks you for the location of the addons.
Select your LOTRO user documents folder (for Windows7 it's C:\Users\<username>\Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\)

Note 2

Addons in the Minion's interface list are visible only if the plugin/skin authors have the required support file included in their addons.

Note 3

You can let your addons auto-update without confirmation. Turn this feature on at 'Tools > Options > Global Configurator'.
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