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Special Slots
SequenceBars Special Slots

Special Slots
In addition to the usual icons (items, skills, hobbies, pets, aliases) that can appear in any Quickslot in the game, SequenceBars also allows you to create "special slots" that give extra functionality in a sequence.

You can create special slots by right-clicking on an empty slot in the sequence editor, and choosing "Create special slot":

The following special slots are available:

Chat command

This slot executes the desired chat command (for example, an emote).

Conditional (if...then...)

This pair of slots lets you specify a set of slots to be included in the sequence only if a certain condition is met.

Conditional (if...then...else...)

These slots let you specify a set of slots to be included in the sequence only if a certain condition is met. You can also specify an alternate set of slots to be included if the condition is not met.


This slot waits for the specified amount of time before advancing to the next slot.

Generate user event

This slot generates a user event. You can configure user events to show, hide, or reset other bars and groups.

Include other sequence

This slot can be used to build up a longer sequence by including the slots from other sequences.

Lua script

This slot executes any Lua script.

Remove equipment

This slot causes an item to be unequipped (removed from the body and placed in the bag).

Save target

This slot causes the currently targeted player or mob to be remembered so you can return to it later with a Select target slot.

Select target

This slot sets your current target to a specified player or mob.

Set unequip destination

This slot lets you specify where in your bags an item should be placed when it is unequipped.

Stop animating

This slot stops the animation of the bar: Clicking slots will no longer scroll the bar (until the bar is reset).

SequenceBars Special Slots
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