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HugeBag Change Log
v1.13.66 (2014/05/19)
- SAdd: Added ability to switch bottom button text from short to long. Thx dt192!
- Tweak: HugeBag will show correctly inventory slots up to 110. Thx Tommmo!

v1.13.65 (2013/08/15)
- Tweak: The sorting function. Trying to get rid of the "You are too busy to do that right now" message. Thx dt192!
- Cor: Background window now show correct Alpha value after it was changed and window reloaded.

v1.13.64 (2013/04/03)
- Fix: The Black color theme in widget mode is now working properly. Thx BossXxX!
- Add: "Bags", "Vault" & "Shared Storage" now available directly on HugeBag. Thx Davinna!

v1.12.63 (2013/03/09)
- Updated: The sorting list to version 161. (Courtesy of MrJackdaw, author of the "SortPack" plugin)

v1.11.61c (2013/02/04)
- Fix: 'Bag infos' window now get current player items properly if bags are filled from last to first. Thx Wicky!
- Cor: HugeBag widget search function work properly, my bad! Thx Hamsterdam!

v1.11.61 (2013/02/02)
- Add: Search capability in the 'Backpack', 'Vault' & 'Shared Storage' window. Thx scarlim!
- Add: Option to select ALL your character in the 'Backpack' & 'Vault' window. Thx scarlim!
- Change: Search function code. search.lua was removed.

v1.10.60 (2012/12/08)
- Add: Ability to hide button individually. Thx Cutholen!

v1.9.60 (2012/11/29)
- Add: Can now delete backpack & vault info of your alt. Thx Donna!

v1.8.60c (2012/11/24)
- Fix: SharedStorage now work properly. Thx Allison!

v1.8.60 (2012/10/25)
- Fix: Somes items are not showing properly in SharedStorage, Vault and Backpack window. Thx DaBear78!

v1.8.59 (2012/08/31)
- Fix: The backpack window now get current player items properly.
- Fix: Items list now size properly when player have 4 bags. Thx Ralgel!

v1.8.58 (2012/08/11)
- Change: Your alt vault are now always available.
- Change: Items infos are now available in the 'Backpack' window only for the character you are playing with.

v1.8.57c2 (2012/06/26)
- Fix: Items orientation issue, my bad :p

v1.8.57c (2012/06/24)
- Fix: Session play character will not be saved anymore in the vault, shared storage & bags function. Thx DaBear78!
- Fix: Icon was streching when items was removed or moved even if icon resizing function was disable.
- Fix: Vault & Shared Storage are now disabled in monster play.
- Fix: Some minor reset settings issues.
- Fix: Back color issue.
- Fix: Shell command issue.
- Fix: Skin issue.

v1.8.57 (2012/06/22)
- Cor: 'DE' correction made by DaBear78!, thx!
- Request by DaBear78: Add 'Backpack' ability. It will show your Backpack and your alt Backpack.
- Change: The up arrow increase icon size, middle button reset icon size to default and down arrow decrease icon size.
- Request by DaBear78: 'Vault' now show your vault and your alt vault.
- Fix: The window auto height when icon size change.
- Fix: Resizing from bottom left & right now stop at my minimum height. (To see the icon resize function properly if enable)
- Fix: F12 & transparent issues. My bad :p
- Fix: Vault & Shared Storage now update themselves properly. Thx DaBear78!
- Fix: Shared Storage is now really shared with all your alt on same server. Thx DaBear78!
- Fix: HugeBag 'Bottom Border', 'Bottom Left Corner' & 'Bottom Right Corner' resize function now work properly. Thx DaBear78!

v1.7.56c (2012/06/14)
- Fix: 'items' (a nil value) error. My bad :p
- Change: Put back old slot background image.

v1.7.56 (2012/06/04)
- Fix: Error when closing window & pressing 'esc' to close them.
- Request by iSpawnAtHome: Add ability to change items icon size. (Window mode only)

v1.6.55 (2012/05/26)
- Add: Vault ability.
- Add: Shared Storage ability.
- Fix: Window height auto size with backpack size if not settings found.

v1.5.54 (2012/05/12)
- Fix: Working properly if LOTRO client language was change.
- Fix: Will hide when 'F12' and 'Ctrl + \' is press.
- Fix: Add fail safe in case "sort" fail.
- Fix: Title infos now show properly depending of it's width.
- Add: Support all 3 official language.
- Tweak: Widget menu code.
- Tweak: Items menu code.
- Change: Move buttons buy hold-left clic and drag.
- Change: Window menu to a contextual menu like in widget mode.
- Change: The settings load & save function. (Some options need to be set if user change the default value)
- Updated: The sorting list to version 152. (Courtesy of MrJackdaw, author of the "SortPack" plugin)
- Fix: Will support the 6th bag. (When pre-ordering RoR)

v1.4.53c4 (2012/03/24)
- Fix: 'Sorting' now work properly. :P Thx Levva!

v1.4.53c3 (2012/03/22)
- Fix: 'Sorting' now work properly. :P
- Fix: 'Options panel' error. Thx Anlace!
- Fix: HugeBag image position in sidebar.

v1.4.52 (2012/03/17) (It's now v1.4.52c2, since the fix for the 'Sorting' didnt work after all)
- Fix: HugeBag will now be in front when activated. (Both mode)
- Fix: On certain condition 'Sorting' never stopped sorting. Thx mglinka99!

v1.4.51c (2012/03/17)
- Fix: 'Sorting' not sorting properly cause of Update 6.

v1.4.51 (2012/03/11)
- Fix: shell commmand 'options' was not working. Thx MrsAngelD!

v1.4.50 (2012/03/10)
- Fix: Mixing function was not working properly.
- Fix: Set Sort, Merge, Mix finish seconds to 2 decimals.
- Fix: Tweak Merging function code. (Attempt to fix losing item) Thx Feladr!

v1.4.49 (2012/02/24)
- Fix: Put back ability to check and fix settings.

v1.4.48c (2012/02/23)
- Fix: Put back the class file, look like it's needed for some reason.

v1.4.48 (2012/02/22)
- Fix: Bug related to the class file been removed.

v1.4.47 (2012/02/21)
- Fix: Bag informations was not updating properly when item was removed.
- Fix: UI error causing HugeBag not to load.
- Fix: Class file that was not loading, causing HugeBag not to load.
- Fix: Settings will now add missing settings.

v1.4.46 (2012/02/11)
- Add: Unload & reloader function. (Both mode)
- Fix: Some checked item in the items menu that was not removed properly.
- Add: /hugebag options command. (widget mode)
- Change: LootBug file was rename Reloader.
- Fix: Crash with widget mode (GetAttribute API crash client when plugin using this function unloaded/reloaded)
This API function was added in v1.4.45 to show currency, but i will not add this function anymore. Forgot to remove the unstable API function.

v1.4.45 (2012/01/17)
- Fix: Search input box is now placing properly. (Window mode)

v1.4.44 (2012/01/11)
- Add: Ability to inverse de merge function (Default items are merge from slot 1 to end of bag)
- Change: The way buttons settings are saved. Old user buttons settings are not retained.

v1.4.43 (2012/01/10)
- Change: Now using some in-game cursor.
- Move: the bottom right click to top left click (window mode).

v1.4.42 (2012/01/09)
- Update: The sorting list to version 146. (Courtesy of MrJackdaw, author of the "SortPack" plugin)
- Add: The .pluginCompendium file for LotrOnion support (http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info668-LotROnionMMOUIPlugin.html) & LOTRO Plugin Compendium (http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/info663-LOTROPluginCompendium.html)

v1.4.41 (2012/01/07)
- Add: About window into in game plugin manager
- Add: Plugin icon for in game plugin manager
- Add: Options for into plugin manager
- Fix: StartVisible is now working once again. (window mode)
- Fix: Merge/Search/Sort can be used AtTop once again (window mode)

- Cor: For the bug when item has no category text number. my bad again :P

v1.4.40c (2011/12/15)
- Cor: For the bug when item has no category text number. my bad :P

v1.4.40 (2011/12/14)
- Fix: Item with not category text number will be set to 0 (This item has not been given a category number by turbine - it is missing from the category text list.)
- Fix: Visible state variable is now updating correctly if bag was close using the 'Close' button.
- Fixbecause of the Update 5
- Fix: Position locker is now working properly (window mode)

v1.4.39 (2011/12/07)
- Fix: Sorting is now sorting multiple stack of same item from smaller to bigger stack.

v1.4.38 (2011/12/02)
- Tweak: Faster sorting.

v1.4.37 (2011/11/26)
- Fix: Bag was showing himself when reloaded even if it was not open/visible before the bug.
- Fix: Buttons got visible after a 'merge' & 'sort' even if buttons visibility was set to hidden.
- Add: Can't sort, mix, merge or search when any one of them is already in function.

v1.4.36c (2011/11/25)
- Fix: Added missing import in the workaround file. my bad :P

v1.4.36 (2011/11/24)
- Tweak: Again the swapping & loot bug workaround.
- Fix: Will now hide when F12 key is press. (Both mode)
- Add: Ability to quickly reload HugeBag with a single click or using "/hugebag reload" command (In widget mode: Right click on the active side bar) (In window mode: Right click in the title section)
- Add: Ability to mix your items for 5 sec. (For a bit of fun :P)

v1.4.35c (2011/11/18)
- Tweak: The swapping & loot bug workaround.

v1.4.35 (2011/11/18)
- Removed wrapper, utilities and added a workaround for the swapping & loot bug.

v1.3.35 (2011/11/17)
- Removed Swappable list, cause it's useless to use it when a single line of code can prevent this bug.

v1.3.34 (2011/11/13)
- Add: Ability to resize HugeBag from left, bottom & right border (Window mode)

v1.3.33 (2011/11/11)
- Add: Shell command to toggle all buttons visibility (Widget mode) (Forgot to add it in the previous release, my bad) :p

v1.3.32 (2011/11/10)
- Add: Option to show specific type of items (Both mode)
- Add: Option to show slots infos/HugeBag title/Nothing on top bar (Widget mode)
- Add: Option to show slots infos/HugeBag image/Nothing on side bar (Widget mode)
- Add: Option to change all buttons visibility (Widget mode)
- Fix: Settings data are saved in string format for cleaner purpose
- Change: Global variable was moved to Loading Settings function

v1.2.32 (2011/11/06)
- Add: Option to hide or show title. (This will also hide the skin) (Window mode)
- Add: Option to change all buttons visibility. (Window mode)

v1.2.31 (2011/11/04)
- Add: Option to show of hide HugeBag informations on his side bar. (Widget mode)
- Removed toogleused command and option. HugeBag window is now showing "free/used/max" info in title.

v1.2.30c (2011/11/03)
- Fix: Bug with widget mode that was not showing properly, my bad :P

v1.2.30 (2011/11/03)
- Replace the image on the left & right bar with "free/used/max" slots informations. (Widget mode)
- Fix: Replace the sorting function code with code from v1.2.26

v1.2.29c (2011/11/02)
- Fix: Deleted by accident a variable used to eliminate the visual effect of the loot bug (Bug still there), my bad :P

v1.2.29 (2011/11/02)
- Fix: Bug with the label showing the list of found category, it's now scrollable if there is too much category.
- Add: Option to toggle HugeBag ability to be always on top are not. (Both mode)

v1.2.28 (2011/10/31)
- Fix: Bug when merging my swappable list with user list, category was added one at a time.
- Fix: Search box is now getting automatic focus when search button is clic.

v1.2.27 (2011/10/30)
- Fix: The merge function that was trying to merge into a already full stack, making the items blink.
- Change: Re-inserting HugeBag Wrapper & Utilities to quickly reload HugeBag. (Until the swapping & loot bug are fix by Turbine)
- Add: Ability to maintained a list of swappable items to prevent the swapping bug, loot bug is not visible when looting but it's still occuring. (no fix so far)
- Update: The sorting function and list to version 101. (Courtesy of MrJackdaw, author of the "SortPack" plugin)

v1.2.26 (2011/10/25)
- Fix: Bug with lock size function that was also locking HugeBag position.
- Add: Ability to change the orientation of items.

v1.2.25 (2011/10/24)
- Add: Ability to move all buttons to left or right side of the window. (Both mode)
- Add: Ability to move and resize HugeBag w/o is skin. (Skin still there it's just an illusion) (Window mode)
- Fix: Bug with settings that was not updating in widget mode.

v1.2.24 (2011/10/22)
- Add: Ability to toggle HugeBag skin on and off. (Window mode)
- Fix: Bug with settings that was not updating in window mode.
- Fix: Bug with position was not saved correctly in window mode.

v1.2.23 (2011/10/21)
- Add: Option to move "Sort", "Search", "Merge" button left or right. (To get the order you want) (Both mode)

v1.2.22 (2011/10/21)
- Add: Option to merge multiple item stack.

v1.2.21 (2011/10/21)
- Change: The HugeBag Utilities and the wrapper was removed.
- Fix: When right clicking on a tool the icon is now swaping properly.

v1.1.21 (2011/07/18)
- Fix: The "Sort" & "Search" was not visible while performing a sorting, to prevent errors.
- Fix: Bug when moving the HugeBag Utilities, it was reloading HugeBag.

v1.1.20 (2011/07/09)
- Fix: The "search box" position bug when resizing the window.
- Fix: The save button that was not enabled when the Alpha bar value changed in the "Set Background Color" window.
- Change: Somes lua files name was changed.

v1.1.19c (2011/07/08)
- Fix: Bug when closing "Set Background color" window.

v1.1.19 (2011/07/08)
- Change: Choosing a background color was enhanced.
- Add: Resize image (when hovering resize location) and right click image. (when hovering top left corner)

v1.1.18c (2011/07/06)
- Fix: Wrapper that was not loading.

v1.1.18 (2011/07/05)
- Fix: HugeBag Utilities is now again movable.
- Fix: Only one Wrapper and one HugeBag now. (Was two of them previously)

v1.1.17 (2011/07/03)
- Fix: HugeBag Utilities will reload the corresponding mode if wrapper is not loaded.
- Fix: HugeBag Utilities will be loaded if needed, no need to load it manually.

v1.1.16 (2011/07/03)
- Fix: All disabled options will only work if not using the wrapper, you must then use the HugeBag Utilities.
- Change: The HugeBag Utilities was replaced by an image just right of the lotro store.

v1.1.15 (2011/07/03)
- Fix: The 'Sort bag' & 'Search' button height that was overlapping the items.
- Change: Relocated the resources files at the root of the plugin.
- Change: The HugeBag Utilities is back but only to be used with HugeBag (Widget) to get the hide sliding effect.

v1.1.14 (2011/07/01)
- Change: Widget and Window mode are now seperated to use PTweety wrapper.
- Change: HugeBag Utilities was removed since the wrapper is replacing it.

v1.1.13 (2011/06/30)
- Add: Ability to search item in HugeBag. (From PTweety 'BigPack' plugin)
- Fix: Context menu in window mode is only displaying when right clicking on top left corner.

v1.1.12 (2011/06/29)
- Add: Ability to set HugeBag widget to the left or right side of the screen.

v1.1.11 (2011/06/27)
- Update: The sort function to version 85 of SortBag.

v1.1.10 (2011/06/05)
- Add: Label on the bottom border to quickly sort your bag.
- Fix: HugeBag was not replacing himself correctly when 'reset all settings' was launch.
- Add: Option to change HugeBag background in both mode.

v1.1.9 (2011/05/29)
- Add: Resize 'UpDown arrow' cursor when mouse hover the 'Top Left Corner' or the 'Bottom Left Corner'

v1.1.8c (2011/05/29)
- Fix: Error on line 252, it was a futur fonction that I forgot to disabled before v1.1.8 release.

v1.1.8 (2011/05/27)
- Add: Option to change the top position of the HugeBag widget.

v1.1.7c2 (2011/05/26)
- Cor HugeBag Utilities that was not showing properly.

v1.1.7c (2011/05/26)
- Fix: Forgot a function for the sorting module, my bad.

v1.1.7 (2011/05/25)
- Add: Sorting ability. Courtesy of MrJackdaw, author of the 'SortPack' plugin.

v1.1.6c (2011/05/25)
- Fix: Items was not swapping correctly, my bad

v1.1.6 (2011/05/25)
- Partial bug fix: HugeBag Widget will replace himself (at any bag action event, not when the display size has changed) at the right place if the window size has changed.
- Fix: HugeBag Widget will now resize to fit your 3 or 5 bags.
- Work around: The 'Unload', 'Load' & 'Reload' commands are now available only if user load the 'HugeBag - Utility' plugin.

v1.1.5 (2011/05/24)
- Add: Option to switch between window and widget mode, default mode is widget.

v1.0.5 (2011/05/21)
- Change: The content menu into a window.
- Change: Tthe layout of the "Shell Command" window.

v1.0.4 (2011/05/20)
- Add: Option to show free or used slots informations in the title.
- Add: 'About' window.
- Add: 'Shell Command' window.

v1.0.3c (2011/05/19)
- Fix: I disabled some context menu option without testing the code before v1.0.3 release

v1.0.3 (2011/05/19)
- Fix: HugeBag is independant of any plugins manager. User can load/unload HugeBag manually with shell command.
- Add: Option to lock/unlock Hugebag size.
- Add: Option to lock/unlock Hugebag position.
- Fix: HugeBag will not go beyond the screen border in window-mode.
- Add: Option for the settings to uptaded himself if a different version is detected, old user settings will remains unchanged.
- Add: Option to only reset location and size settings to default.
- Add: Option to resize HugeBag from both bottom corner.
- Change: Watermark label was removed, it will be in the 'about' window when it will be available.
- Change: Alot of functions are now in a seperate file. To clean the main file a bit.
- Change: All settings functions are now in a seperate file. To clean the main file a bit.

v1.0.2 (2011/05/16)
- Fix: Was unable to resize HugeBag when the 'reset' was launch.
- Add: Watermark label of the authors Rod & Habna.
- Add: Option to toggle the hide HugeBag event when 'esc' key is press.
- Change: Independant of Turbine plugins.

v1.0.1 (2011/05/15)
- Add: Context menu with right mouse click on the upper left corner.

v1.0.0 (2011/05/15)
- Initial release
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