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SequenceBars Special Slots Options Activation


This option specifies whether a special slot should execute automatically after the previous slot is clicked, or should not do anything until the user left-clicks on it.

Possible values:
  • With left-click
    The slot will not execute unless the user left-clicks on it.

  • Automatic
    The slot will execute immediately after the previous slot in the sequence executes.

Usage Notes
  • Only special slots can be made automatic. Standard Quickslots (items, skills, hobbies, pets, aliases) cannot be made automatic; they will only execute when the you left-click on them. This is a limitation that Turbine intentionally put into the Lua API to prevent macroing.

  • If you place an automatic slot after a non-automatic slot, it will execute immediately after you click on the preceding slot. If you place multiple automatic slots consecutively, they will all execute immediately without further clicks.

  • If you place an automatic slot at the beginning of a sequence, it will execute each time the bar resets. Note: Each time the plugin is loaded, all bars are reset.

  • If you select the "Hide automatic slots" option for a bar, automatic slots will not be shown in the bar. They will still be shown in the sequence editor.

  • If your sequence contains only automatic slots, all of the slots will execute when the bar is reset. Otherwise, you can execute any slot by clicking on it, and all other slots will then be executed in order, wrapping around to the beginning of the sequence when the end is reached. Note: To prevent infinite loops, if your bar contains only automatic slots, execution will stop when you arrive back at the slot you originally clicked.

SequenceBars Special Slots Options Activation
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