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Conditional (if...then...)
SequenceBars Special Slots Conditional (if...then...)

Conditional (if...then...)
This command consists of two slots: one that looks like a left brace ({) and another that looks like a right brace (}). You can specify a condition (described below) such that any slot(s) placed between the braces (slot 2 in the image below) will only appear in the sequence if the condition is true.

When you select this command in the sequence editor, the following options will be shown:

Usage Notes
  • If you select the "Hide inactive branches" option for a bar, then the slots between the left brace ({) and the right brace (}) will not be shown in the bar unless the condition is true.

  • For every left brace ({) there must be a corresponding right brace (}). If you delete only one of them, you will see an error message in the chat window.

  • You can place as many slots as desired between the braces. You can even place other conditional commands there, to achieve nested conditionals.

  • If you have nested conditionals, it can be difficult to find the left brace ({) corresponding to a given right brace (}). To mitigate this, selecting one in the sequence editor will highlight the other.

  • If you specify "automatic" execution for a conditional, it will be evaluated immediately after the preceding slot in the sequence is clicked. Since most slots take some time to execute, you should not put an automatic conditional immediately after a slot that affects the condition.

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