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Set unequip destination
SequenceBars Special Slots Set unequip destination

Set unequip destination
This slot allows you to specify where in your bags items should be placed when they are unequipped with a Remove equipment slot.

When you select this command in the sequence editor, the following options will be shown:

Usage Notes
  • There is no way to specify a bag number. The game's Lua API does not expose this information to plugins. Instead, each bag slot has its own number.

  • The "Preferred bag slot(s)" field can specify any/all of your bag slots, in the following formats:
    • a single slot number: 1
    • a range of slot numbers: 1...135
    • a range of slot numbers, in reverse order: 135...1
    • a sequence of the above, separated by semicolons: 1;2;135...3

  • When you click a Remove equipment slot, the plugin will try all of the slots in the "Preferred bag slot(s)" field, in the order specified. If all of them are full, then the remaining slots in your bags will be tried, in order. If your bags are entirely full, the removal will fail, and an error message will be displayed in the chat window.

  • Your sequence may include more than one "Set unequip destination" slot. If so, the most recently executed "Set unequip destination" slot is in effect.

  • To find the slot number of an inventory bag slot:
    • Open the Sequence Editor and select a "Set unequip destination" slot.
    • In your inventory bags, move an item from one slot to another.
    • The slot numbers will be displayed in the chat window (Chat channel: Standard).

  • The slot numbers do not necessarily correspond to the order in which the slots appear in your bag. In particular, each time you click the "Sort" button at the top of your inventory bag, the slots are scrambled. If you have ever clicked that button, then the numbering of the slots as they appear in your bags is not consecutive. However, you can restore the consecutive numbering (somewhat tediously) by using the Inventory Bag ID Descrambler plugin.

SequenceBars Special Slots Set unequip destination
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