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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
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Help with Vital_Portrait_...
Forum: Interface Help (L)Eili
11-10-2018 08:03 AM
by Adra
Saying thank you and goodbye to LOTRO and...
Forum: Chit ChatHyoss
10-30-2018 09:06 AM
by Tangaar
[Plugin] DebuffVitals - new plugin for...
Forum: Released Interfaces (L)Grimmerthan
09-29-2018 12:19 PM
by Grimmerthan
DebuffVitals in beta
Forum: Beta Interfaces (L)Grimmerthan
09-13-2018 09:22 AM
by Grimmerthan
Need some help seeing grayed out mobs name
Forum: Interface Requests (L)Golith5
08-31-2018 06:00 PM
by Thurallor
Lotro client crash
08-28-2018 02:48 PM
by Enrique
[LotRO] An Invitation to Relive the Legend
Oct 23, 2018 - 4:52 PM - by Cairenn
We are excited to announce a new way to experience The Lord of the Rings Online: Legendary Worlds! Relive the tales of Middle-earth, chapter by chapter, visiting iconic locations and adventuring with new friends - or reconnecting with old ones - on the path of Frodo, Gandalf, and the Fellowship of the Ring.

Join us this fall on a Legendary World and make a fresh start with a brand new character; see Tolkien's bustling realm anew, whether for your first or fiftieth time. Initially, the Legendary World will begin at the very start of the game and run through Angmar, then open new regions and levels over time. Relive the legend: where everyone is here and the story is now.

Look for more information about this subscriber-only experience coming soon on www.lotro.com and on social media.

Source and FAQ.
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(DDO) Update 40: Cloaked in Darkness Release Notes, 03 Oct 2018
Oct 03, 2018 - 1:44 PM - by Cairenn
Of Special Note:

The Night Revels Returns!

Our yearly festival event returns with two new dungeon challenges, a new way to experience the Delera's Graveyard landscape, and a new public hub to access the Night Revels challenges! Additionally, new items are available from the Night Revels vendor, including cloaks, Reaper's Platemail, helmets, a new pet, and more! Return to the scene of a minotaur village in Grave Work, and face a Spectral Dragon in Eternity Unleashed! Enter the Delera's Graveyard as a private party-sized instance, available from levels 1 through 35.

New Raid: Killing Time

A new raid is now available! This raid is level 32 on Normal difficulty, and is now a part of the Dragonblood Prophecy adventure pack. Anyone who owns the Dragonblood Prophecy adventure pack, or who is VIP, can automatically run the raid.

Wood Elves

Wood Elves have ancient roots, with their culture originating near the same time as other Elves. Hardier than other Elves, many were raised in the most dangerous wilds where few others would date to go. Wood Elves are a new variant that offers an alternate way to play the elven race! Wood Elves do not have their own racial past life, but rather can complete an Elven past life, and have different starting stats, along with several new enhancements. Wood Elves are free to VIPs, and available to purchase in the DDO Store.


Visible cloaks are now available! New random loot cloaks will have a visual, and named cloaks both new and old have visuals as well. There is a new Cosmetic Cloak Inventory Slot, and cloaks can accept a Mirror of Glamering to put the visual onto your character. Additionally, wearing a cloak will display the cloak on your character, and you can choose to toggle it on and off by clicking the cloak visibility button in your inventory UI, or by using the command /showcloak on or off.

  • Players can now sort their characters from the Character Selection screen by using a small drop-down arrow situated above the list of characters. Sorting options are Alphabetical (A-Z), Alphabetical (Z-A), Class (A-Z), Class (Z-A), Level (Maximum to Minimum), Level (Minimum to Maximum), and Last Login.
  • The Sentient Gem UI icon is now the same size as other icons near it.
  • The following effects are now tagged to no longer display in the Combat Log: All Warlock aura effects, Tavern Regeneration, Public Area Regeneration, Archer's Focus, Scion of the Ethereal Plane, Hiding in Plain Sight, and Battle Engineer's Charge Tier effects.
  • Warlock Aura Buffs no longer publicly display their duration to avoid flickering themselves over other buffs.
  • There is now an option to run the DirectX installer from the Repair section of the Launcher Options UI.
  • Fixed the icon for the DDO game shortcut on older installations.
  • Many small typos and tooltip errors have been corrected.
  • The Creature Companions tab has been moved up to align with other tabs.
  • The Sentient Items button has been moved down near the Augments button.
Source and full patch notes.
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[LotRO] Letter from Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini
May 17, 2018 - 4:54 PM - by Cairenn

Thank you for being a part of the Lord of the Rings Online community as we celebrate 11 years of adventure. Happy Elevenses! I'm writing today to let you know a bit about our plans for the rest of the year and beyond, and hint at some exciting announcements you can expect to read more about in the future.

We've been enjoying exploring Northern Mirkwood, the "There" part of "There and Back Again". We plan to continue our expansion of the broader region throughout the year. We will also be using 2018 to work on classes, festivals, and quality of life improvements based on your feedback and suggestions (including, in a near update, the ability to see sheathed musical instruments).

Let’s look ahead to Update 23! We will be journeying to the Lonely Mountain, and from there following the eastern paths to the Iron Hills, and north to the Grey Mountains. We're excited to put these important parts of Dwarf culture and history on the map. Update 23 will also come with an instance cluster and, later in the year, a new raid. Our new instances will be designed for both groups and solo players, allowing everyone to see the storyline that unfolds in those instances. Full groups will also be able to enter into the more dangerous tiers of these adventures. The new landscape has 80 new quests, and the Black Book of Mordor will continue its story into these new regions. Update 23 will also increase the level cap to 120.

Read more ...
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(LotRO) Update 21 Release Notes, 1 Aug 2017
Aug 02, 2017 - 2:33 PM - by Cairenn
Of Special Note:

Epic Volume 4: Book 9

Witness the fate of the One Ring and Sauron! The Epic quest line reaches a major milestone, and remains free to all players.

The Black Book of Mordor

We begin a new story in Update 21 that will continue in future updates. Travel beyond the Black Gate, seek treasure and conquest, and discover what happens when the Free People enter a land of evil and corruption.

Explore Gorgoroth, including:
  • Udûn, the entryway that holds great forges, quarries, and parade grounds of Mordor.
  • Dor Amarth, the rocky plain holding the broken bones of Barad-dur
  • Talath Úrui, located south of Mount Doom, home to key fortresses, prisons, and military establishments.
  • Lhingris, west of the Morgai ridge, home to Cirith Ungol.
  • Agarnaith, a valley southeast of Barad-dur with a dense, pestilent, and bloody swampland.
Level Cap Increase

The level cap has been raised to 115.

Allegiance System

This new end-game system allows players to pledge their allegiance to one faction at a time. Pledge yourself to the Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits, or Men, and unlock rewards through activities in Mordor, including a unique story arc! Players will accrue Allegiance Points which advance your character along a given Allegiance. These points can be earned through acquiring items found in Mordor, completing repeatable quests, and more.

Light of Eärendil/Shadow

Areas of Shadow can be found in varying intensity throughout Mordor. These areas weaken visitors, but the Light of Eärendil can counteract this darkness. Your character will see a Shadow and Light Rating, which will help you understand the threat posed by the Shadow. Items that grant Light of Eärendil can be found in Mordor.

  • A Frill Density slider has been added to the Advanced Graphics tab under "Scenery". This option adjusts the amount of frills loaded onto a scene as a percentage.
  • The Advanced Graphics tab now has an added Particle Effects header with three options: Dynamic Particle Rendering, Precipitation Effects, and Static Environmental Objects.
  • Particle Rendering allows the player to choose which particle effects to render. The options are None, Me, Me + Targets, Targets, and All.
  • Precipitation Effects will disable weather effects, such as rain and snow.
  • Static Environmental Objects will select whether to draw particle effects on immobile objects.
  • A second 10 Year VIP Portrait Frame is now available to qualified players.
  • Settings that are saved in the userpreferences.ini file, such as graphics preferences, are now saved to disk when the character options panel is closed. This aims to reduce occurrences of settings being lost due to client crashes.
  • The Yes emote now appears in the Chat Window Emote Menu.
Source and full patch notes.
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(LotRO) Update 20.1 Release Notes, 18 April 201
Apr 18, 2017 - 2:15 AM - by Cairenn
Of Special Note

10th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Our new Anniversary Scavenger Hunt begins on Thursday! Waldo Rumble requires your assistance at the Party Tree in the Shire. Complete scavenger hunts each week to earn rewards and celebrate ten years of LOTRO!

News and Notes:

  • The Treasure Hunter's Satchel will now correctly display the applied dye. However, this item's dye color will interfere with Rune-keeper satchel dyes when worn together.
  • Housing - Silent Hope and Hills of the Shire music boxes now loop all available tracks instead of looping a single track after the first play-through.
  • Crafting - The Large Bundle of Dagorlad Provisions and Small Bundle of Rangers' Provisions recipes now require a single Rangers' Journal of Dagorlad Cookery each to craft.
  • Crafting - The tailor "Padded Gondorian Garments" recipe will no longer have the option to craft a Supreme Essence of Masterful Agility.
  • Emotes - Acquisition of the Stoicpose is no longer incorrectly gated by having /heropose.
  • Emotes - The Stoicpose emote will no longer show both a bow and an offhand weapon overlapping each other. Hunters will hold their bow while other classes will hold their equipped offhand weapons.
Regions and Quests
  • Book 8: The Black Gate has been added to the deed for Epic Volume IV: The Strength of Sauron.
  • The Wastes - Dol Acharn, "Vengeance of the Fallen" and "Memories of the Last Alliance" should no longer slow unreasonably bright when your graphics are set to DX10 or DX11.
  • The Wastes - Dol Acharn - The unseen presence on the hill that can defeat you no longer has placeholder text in its name.
  • The Wastes - The correct map now shows when visiting Lang Rhuven. Various missing map notes were also fixed for The Wastes map.
  • Dead Marshes - Quest: The Dead of Dagorlad - The reeds have been adjusted so you can once again approach all of the apparitions.
  • Festival - A Festive Flurry/A Bustling Bloom - Quests should no longer become stuck (unable to accept or decline) in the Auto-bestow panel. Quests have been versioned.
  • These quests now bestow and require your confirmation to accept. In addition, these types of quests will bestow if you enter the Bree Festival Grounds (Spring Festival), Frostbluff (Yule Fetival), or the Party Tree (Anniversary).
  • Lone-lands - Reflecting Pool - The solo version of the Red-pass instance now specifies that it is a solo instance.
  • Mirkwood - Quest - A Cornered Foe - Defeating Shatog's guards very quickly will no longer prevent him from attacking you. Timing has also changed slightly on some of the prisoner's lines to speed up the ending sequence.
  • Osgiliath (After-battle) - Quest - The Fallen King Renewed: Anduin Water can be selected more easily.
  • Bree-land Homesteads - 2 Long Street - The doormat has been flipped so that when the Unwelcome Mat is placed, it is no longer backwards.
  • Shire Homesteads - in a Standard house, the small wall hook next to the door is now flush with the wall.
  • Cape of Belfalas Homesteads now has its own map with street names displayed.
  • Various missing map notes have been fixed for the Cape of Belfalas Homesteads map, North Ithilien map, and Pelennor (After Battle) map.
  • Your character will no longer turn black when jumping in water.
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(LotRO) Update 20: Battle of the Black Gate Release Notes, 21 March 2017
03-20-2017 11:52 PM
03-20-2017 11:52 PM
by Cairenn
0 12,629
CloudFlare leak
02-24-2017 08:27 PM
02-24-2017 08:27 PM
by Cairenn
0 12,714
(LotRO) Update 19.3 Release Notes, 6 Feb 2017
02-06-2017 09:57 AM
02-06-2017 09:57 AM
by Cairenn
0 15,973
Happy Holidays!
12-18-2016 11:43 AM
12-18-2016 11:43 AM
by Cairenn
0 28,460
(LotRO) Update 19: March of the King Release Notes, 13 Oct 2016
10-13-2016 05:40 PM
10-13-2016 05:40 PM
by Cairenn
0 39,890
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