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Unread 12-17-2012, 12:08 PM
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LotRO Update 9: Against the Shadow Official Release Notes

Of Special Note

New instances

Three new 3 man instances are now available in the instance finder: Iorbar’s Peak, Seat of the Great Goblin, and Webs of the Scuttledells. These instances scale from level 20 – 85 (no, 20 is not a typo). Read the developer diary for full details!

Of immediate interest for our community:

  • Eregion and Enedwaith map - Zoom in and player marker should now function correctly for those using the French client.
  • The objective information for the second stage of the quest 'The Cat's Meow' will no longer disappear automatically unless the player moves out of range.
  • The experience bar on the main toolbar has been updated to show experience gained and required relative to the player's current level, rather than the overall total.
  • The XP bar tooltip was showing information that overlaps with what was already displayed by the bar itself. This duplicate information has been removed from the tooltip.
  • Attempting to use an item or NPC which is outside usage distance will now trigger autonomous movement into range This will work for mounted or dismounted players.There is a new game option which can be used to toggle this functionality called Move To Use, which you will find on the Misc section of the UI Settings Option page.
  • When a skill is re-learned it will attempt to go back to it's last known quickslot bar location.
  • Encounters within Instance Finder are now sorted alphabetically.
  • If you are in an Instance Finder queue and attempt to join a session play you will now be warned that doing this will kick you from the queue.
  • The escape key now functions properly when a browser window is open
  • Fixed a problem that would sometimes cause Quest Guide colors on the map to all become red.
  • “Next/Previous Item” keyboard shortcuts will now start over with the nearest item when you have a non-item selected.
  • You can now see up to four escort vital UIs in instances
  • Fixed an issue with the keyboard shortcuts like “select next item” where there was potential for them to not cycle through all the available choices
  • “Track Nearby Quests” no longer adds trivial quests to the quest tracker if the option “Show Trivial Quest Icons in Radar” is turned off.
  • When you first open up the Mounted Combat panel, the player should have the correct weapon displaying,
  • Players can now map a new action key to Follow Selection. This works exactly the same as /follow.
  • The new mapping is present on the Key Mapping portion of the Options Panel, under the Miscellaneous header.
  • Clicking on the New Title alert should properly open and scroll to the new title in the Titles panel
    Milestone skill names will now include the region name of the destination, e.g. “Return to The Prancing Pony (Bree-Land)”
  • We now have a track mounted XP button on the mounted combat stats page which will give you an floating XP bar.
  • A new radar mapnote which tracks nearby enemies, the Enemy mapnote, is now available.
  • Any nearby character (player or non-player) which is a valid combat target will be tracked in this way. Stealthed enemies are handled correctly - the mapnote will disappear as the enemy enters stealth, re-appear when the enemy is detected, and disappear again when the enemy re-enters stealth.
  • This new mapnote has ONLY an on-screen indicator. When the tracked character moves off the radar screen, thee is no arrow pointing to it.
  • Note: The track enemy mapnote is not shown in the instance clusters and any other private encounters without instance quests. Public instances and private enounters with instance quests (such as skirmishes) retain the track enemy mapnote.
  • Note: The track enemy mapnote is not shown for enemies that will not aggro on you (trivial or neutral mobs).

Source and full patch notes
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