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Unread 05-01-2022, 10:21 AM
cowgod cowgod is offline
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Help with player vitals portrait frames


I'm trying to understand why the player vitals portrait frames do not show up on the JRR *B* skin.

Here is what some of the entries look like in the SkinDefinition.xml:

<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_1_year" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_1_year.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_2_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_2_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_3_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_3_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_4_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_4_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_5_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_5_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_6_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_6_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_7_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_7_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_8_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_8_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_9_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_9_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_10_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_10_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_11_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_11_years.tga"></Mapping>
<Mapping ArtAssetID="player_vitals_backdrop_12_years" 				FileName="..\..\JRR CORE\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_12_years.tga"></Mapping>
Those files definitely exist in the correct location, so why don't the frames show up? They are all blank in game.
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Unread 05-02-2022, 10:01 AM
dreamingxashley's Avatar
dreamingxashley dreamingxashley is offline
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Because the texture path points to JRR Core.

Assuming that the textures are in the vitals folders like they are for the other skins, you need to delete "..\JRR CORE" so that it looks like:

FileName="..\vitals\player_vitals_backdrop_10_year s.tga"></Mapping>

And then do that for every other line in the vitals folder. There's most likely skins for opponent and mp (monster play) vitals too so change those as well.

I use Notepad++ since it has a nifty search and replace function.
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Unread 05-02-2022, 03:05 PM
cowgod cowgod is offline
The Indomitable
Join Date: Dec 2010
Posts: 11
Thanks for the reply.

What you said doesn't make sense. Isn't the path relative to where the SkinDefinition.xml file is located? The structure is as follows:

ui/skins/JRR Skins collection/JRR B/_SkinDefinition/SkinDefinition.xml
ui/skins/JRR Skins collection/JRR CORE/vitals

So that means it would need to go up 2 directories to get to the "JRR Skins collection" folder, and then into "JRR CORE", and then "vitals".

The path seems correct. It works for all the other skin elements. So I don't understand why they don't show up.

They are all defaulting to the exact same frame, which looks to be player_vitals_backgrop.tga. That file isn't even referenced in the skin definition though. I'm still really confused.
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Unread 05-02-2022, 08:29 PM
dreamingxashley's Avatar
dreamingxashley dreamingxashley is offline
The Unscathed
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Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 18
If you trying to use the frames from the BGM folder, you do not want the xml telling the engine to look in the core file.

Each skin in the JRR folder has it's own xml file telling the game where to look for each element instead of defaulting to SSG's textures.

If you want to use the JRR base files, then just leave it as it. If you want the specific skin, you need to tell it to look in the ../vitals/ directory. The ../ is just shorthand basically so we don't have to type out sometimes very long paths.

../ just means "JRR Skins collection". I think I got that explained clearly. My mind doesn't think in words half the time lol.
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Unread 05-02-2022, 08:45 PM
cowgod cowgod is offline
The Indomitable
Join Date: Dec 2010
Posts: 11
Okay, now I understand what you are saying. The point I was trying to make is that ALL vitals looked the same, even with the default JRR *B* skin which I was looking at. It turns out that I just didn't look at enough portraits, because after looking at a few of the players around Bree, there ARE different portraits. I just assumed I would see some different ones in my normal questing, but so far I haven't. So in summary, everything is working right, I just wasn't looking at the right monsters/players. I also thought that the "default" portrait would have looked more similar to the default portrait in the default SSG skin, but it's not--it's very plain. So that was throwing me off too.

Thanks again.

Last edited by cowgod : 05-02-2022 at 08:54 PM.
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