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Unread 04-12-2018, 07:50 AM
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Lotro Chann Filter EN Translate


Thanks to Ledviper, The English player have now an english user manual ^^

For more readability I choose to place it here

Use this thread to pull together

Good read, good hunt!

First place: works in all client languages, even if that language isn't available for this plugin.

What is this?

At first, I wanted to get rid of Goldseller messages. to do this I had to filter messages in the channel before they appeared there.
So I had the idea to make this plug-in. It looks at the messages and copies only those that do not have the lotro.pay syntax.
While it was working for me, I realized that many players had enough as well. This gave me the idea to publish my plug-in and improve it to make it a general filter.


The plug-in works in the background. That is, no element is needed on-screen. However, you must first set it up. For this, you have access to a window. The settings are relatively intuitive. In addition, there is a help text at the bottom of the options window.
Whenever a message is sent to a chat channel, it is parsed by the plug-in. Two things are checked:
- If the plugin has been told to filter the channel
- If none of the words in the message are on the filter list
If the message respects these two conditions, it is then copied into the chosen color. Otherwise, it is simply not transcribed.


There are some limitations imposed by LotRO's LUA API.
- First, not all channels can be filtered. Fortunately, those that cannot be filtered are not accessible to players. Players cannot write in them (admin channel for example).
- Some channels need to have the in-game filters enabled. This is due to the way the chat system is set up, or possibly due to a bug in it.
- The plugin can not send to the channel where a message was retrieved. It has to be copied into the "standard" channel. It is therefore impossible to separate two filtered channels. This also requires the presence of messages like "Entered the World channel."
- It is impossible to automatically use the colors already defined for chat channels. There is a way to do this but it would take much longer to achieve than manually re-setting the colors.
- If you filter a single special character, errors may appear. To resolve remove them from the list, save, and relog your character.


In your OS:

- Download the archive
- Unzip it and place the whole "Galphoglas" folder (and not only its contents) in the "Plugins" folder in My Documents >> The Lord Of The Ring Online

In the game:

when you login to a character:
- Open the plug-in manager. You can open it with the command "/plugins manager"
- In the list on the left, select "Lotro Chann Filter"
- In the bottom right, choose from the drop-down list the characters on which you want to automatically launch the plugin when they login. Or to load it only for this session, use the "Load" button at the top.

When the plugin is launched, a message will be sent in chat to confirm its activation.


These are detailed. The usage is actually very simple.


These settings are specific to each character. You must set up the plugin on each character or use the trick below. To display the window, type the command "/lcf show"

In the first window that appears, you can modify the channel settings. Help messages appear at the bottom of the window to assist.
- Check the channels you want to filter. (by clicking on the CheckBox)
- Choose the color you want for that channel's text. (by clicking on the white square)
- Choose whether you want to display the timestamp or not. This one is customizable but requires the deactivation of the in-game chat timestamps for optimal display

Changes to these settings are applied instantly as a kind of preview. These settings will remain active as long as the character is online. To ensure that these settings remain when you next connect to the character you need to click "Save Settings", this saves and closes the window.

Once the channels to filter are selected, you need to setup the in-game channel filters. On the chat tab where you want to see the filtered messages, make sure it is setup as such (right click on the tab >> Change filters)
- The "standard" channel must be checked
- The channels you wish to filter must be unchecked (otherwise you will see double messages half of which will be unfiltered)

In the plug-in window, check if channels to be filtered have their name written in white.
Channels with white names require the use of an additional "trash" tab. The white name indicates that the channel has to be enabled when you connect to a character. Two solutions are available:
- Enable the channel in the in-game filter before you disconnect, then uncheck them when you re-connect.
- Leave them enabled in a "trash" tab, messages in the trash tab will be unfiltered, you can move this tab to somewhere out of the way and just ignore it.

Filtered words

By clicking the button "List of words to filter" in the first window, a new window will open up which allows you to modify filtered words.
The use of it is easy. There are five things to know:
- Only words in green are filtered. It is therefore necessary to click "apply" to make filtering a new word active
- By default only "pay.com" will appear in the list. It does not come back if it is deleted and the list is not empty
- Filtering is not case-insensitive. That is, it does not take into account upper or lower case letters. For example: HeLlO = hello
- The filter looks within words too. If you add "lk" to the filter, then words like "walking", "talk" or "yolk" will be filtered. Pay attention!
- The filter works for both message and the name of the person sending it. If you filter "Grandmj", then messages containing this nickname and the messages of the player named "Grandmj" will be filtered


To copy the settings from one character to another, you can copy the .plugindata files
To do this, follow these steps:
- After setting up on a character, disconnect.
- Go to: My Documents >> The Lord Of The Ring Online >> PluginData >> Account ID >> Server Name >> Character Name
- Select the files: "lcf.plugindata", "lcfColor.plugindata" and "lcfMot.plugindata" (It's possible that some of them aren't present)
- Copy them into: My Documents >> The Lord Of The Ring Online >> PluginData >> Account ID >> Server Name >> Other Character's Name(s) you wish to copy the settings to

Release notes:
  • 1.1.0 (11/25/2017)
    • Added anti-spam function. Works only for filtered channels. Each channel is managed separately.
    • Added a "pause" function. A channel becomes too active for your taste? Need to take a break? Enter /lcf pause to interrupt the copying of messages and thus not see any messages from filtered channels! (Remember to enter /lcf resume to reactivate!)
  • 1.2.0 (01/30/2018)
    • Support for special characters [] () + - etc ... These problematic ones are now fully integrated!
  • 1.2.1 (03/21/2018)
    • Modification of the architecture to allow translations.
    • Added English translation> Thanks to Salvaaje from the Brandywine server!
  • 1.2.2 (03/21/2018)
    • Fixed a translation error.
  • 1.2.3 (04/01/2018)
    • Fixed a comma error in the Language.lua
  • 1.2.4 (04/12/2018)
    • Improved english translation
  • 1.2.5 (05/16/2018)
    • Added German translation> Thanks to Glafria from the Gwaihir server!
    • Added .plugincompendium file

- I prefer to be contacted IG or email if assistance is needed.
- Correctors/translators always welcome
- Suggestions accepted
Programmeur, mais français avant tout

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