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Unread 12-07-2015, 06:05 PM
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Update 17.1 Release Notes

General Changes and Fixes
  • New Items in the LOTRO Store:
    • Blessing of the Valar – Level your character to 95, catch up to your friends, and jump into the Epic Quests to help defend Gondor!
    • Blessing of the Valar Upgrade – Already over level 51? Level your character to 95 with this option.
    • Housing Decorations: Crafting stations – Hook a workspace for your character, right in your home! Take care of your crafting while surrounded by your memories of adventure in Middle-earth.
    • As always, you can learn about all the great new offers coming with update 17.1 by visiting here: http://www.lotro.com/en/New-to-LOTRO-Store
  • Our Art team has resolved several bugs with weapon effects appearing in an incorrect location or in a manner that conflicts with the cosmetically equipped weapon. However, in order for this fix to fully take effect you MUST UNEQUIP and RE-EQUIP all of your weapons. Until you do so, you will see effects that look like a ghost weapon
  • A certain W.W. will now properly move on from the entrance to Rivendell, instead of staying there forever.
  • Fixed an issue where certain (primarily slayer-type) quests were missing Quest Guide information.
  • Examination tooltips for barring skills should no longer contain duplicate entries and correctly pluralize the word "skill".
  • Various Festival announcement quests have had their repeat timers changed and increased. Mostly notably, Hobnanigans is Here will now only bestow on a character once per week while the event is active.
  • The Essence of Nature's Roar now procs properly.
  • Store Tracking Tomes and Talismans no longer break stealth.
  • A number of level 45 class quest items have been made non-unique.
  • Some of the Bingo Boffin armour rewards have had their armour values rebalanced.
  • Some players were unable to get the "Bard" title (available from the play during Yule-fest). They should be able to get the title now.
  • Housing items that were bound to character are now bound to account. In addition, when an account-bound housing item is placed, it will say in the tooltip which character placed the item. For previously placed bound to character items, the owning character removing the item from the hook and placing it again will make the name of the character appear and will bind the item to the account.
  • Items bound to characters will now try to show the name of the character bound to. This is mostly useful for housing decorations - if the decoration was bound to a player who is on your account, friends list, or kinship, you will see the player's name when examining the slotted housing decoration, so that you know who it would be returned to. Note that bound-to-character housing decorations don't become bound-to-account until they hit the inventory of whoever slotted them.
  • Housing decorations should no longer make noise while in your inventory.
  • You should now be able to unslot decorations, if otherwise allowed, even if you can't use the item in question (for example due to a reputation requirement)
  • Fixed a problem that would cause map home skills to sometimes fail to work (but go on cooldown) from a housing neighborhood.
  • Barter vendors that give you items for mithril now have a button to go to the store to get more mithril if you don't have enough to barter for the item.
  • Crafted Tier 10 consumables used to show incorrect stats in their tooltip when shortcut on the quickslot bar. Newly-made shortcuts will now have correct stats. You'll have to remake old shortcuts to fix them.
  • In the Merry Swan in Minas Tirith, Lord Forlong's hair is now colored a proper raven black.
  • Lifetime subscribers should now correctly not see offers in the store which are not relevant to them.
  • The Beorning skill Call to Wild properly decreases the cost of Composure and Hearten.
  • The Champion Weapon Master buff stays after being defeated.
Source and full patch notes.
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