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Unread 08-05-2010, 01:25 PM
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Need Help Resizing Barter Pannel

I'm trying to increase the size of the barter panel but have run into a small problem with the page buttons

I can't find a way to move them can anyone help me with that
The code I used is
<PanelFile ID="ID_UISkin_Barter_Window">
  <Element ID="Barter_Window" X="7" Y="114" Width="646" Height="706"> <!-- +210 -->
    <Element ID="Barter_RewardLabel" X="71" Y="62" Width="256" Height="20"> </Element>
    <Element ID="Barter_ItemsLabel" X="352" Y="62" Width="195" Height="20"> </Element>
    <Element ID="Barter_BuyButton" X="257" Y="672" Width="128" Height="20"> <!-- +210 -->
      <Element ID="TextButtonReference_Left" X="0" Y="0" Width="20" Height="20"> </Element>
      <Element ID="TextButtonReference_Mid" X="20" Y="0" Width="87" Height="20"> </Element>
      <Element ID="TextButtonReference_Right" X="107" Y="0" Width="20" Height="20"> </Element>
    <Element ID="BarterProfile_Menu" X="255" Y="35" Width="254" Height="25"> 
      <Element ID="Menu_01_SelectionBackground" X="0" Y="0" Width="254" Height="23"> 
        <Element ID="BasePanel_TopMid" X="19" Y="0" Width="216" Height="3"> </Element>
        <Element ID="BasePanel_Background" X="3" Y="3" Width="248" Height="17"> </Element>
        <Element ID="BasePanel_TopLeft" X="0" Y="0" Width="19" Height="19"> </Element>
        <Element ID="BasePanel_MidLeft" X="0" Y="19" Width="3" Height="-15"> </Element>
        <Element ID="BasePanel_BottomLeft" X="0" Y="4" Width="19" Height="19"> </Element>
        <Element ID="BasePanel_BottomMid" X="19" Y="20" Width="216" Height="3"> </Element>
        <Element ID="BasePanel_BottomRight" X="235" Y="4" Width="19" Height="19"> </Element>
        <Element ID="BasePanel_MidRight" X="251" Y="19" Width="3" Height="-15"> </Element>
        <Element ID="BasePanel_TopRight" X="235" Y="0" Width="19" Height="19"> </Element>
      <Element ID="Menu_01_SelectionDisplay" X="7" Y="-1" Width="238" Height="25"> </Element>
      <Element ID="Menu_01_SelectionWidget" X="237" Y="5" Width="16" Height="16"> </Element>
    <Element ID="Barter_BaseBox_BG" X="0" Y="16" Width="641" Height="688"> <!-- +210 -->
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_BottomMid" X="36" Y="652" Width="569" Height="36"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_BottomRight" X="605" Y="652" Width="36" Height="36"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_MidRight" X="605" Y="36" Width="36" Height="616"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_Background" X="36" Y="36" Width="569" Height="616"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_TopRight" X="605" Y="0" Width="36" Height="36"> </Element>
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_TopLeft" X="0" Y="0" Width="36" Height="36"> </Element>
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_TopMid" X="36" Y="0" Width="569" Height="36"> </Element>
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_MidLeft" X="0" Y="36" Width="36" Height="616"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Silver_BottomLeft" X="0" Y="652" Width="36" Height="36"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
    <Element ID="Barter_TitleBar" X="197" Y="-10" Width="250" Height="42"> 
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Titlebar_TopRight" X="220" Y="0" Width="33" Height="42"> </Element>
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Titlebar_TopLeft" X="0" Y="0" Width="35" Height="42"> </Element>
      <Element ID="Base_Box_Titlebar_TopMid" X="35" Y="0" Width="185" Height="42"> </Element>
      <Element ID="Barter_WindowLabel" X="23" Y="15" Width="204" Height="20"> </Element>
    <Element ID="BarterProfile_label" X="141" Y="36" Width="116" Height="20"> </Element>
    <Element ID="Barter_MoveBar" X="0" Y="6" Width="639" Height="24"> </Element>
    <Element ID="Barter_window_title_bar" X="4" Y="20" Width="632" Height="71"> </Element>
    <Element ID="Barter_CloseButton" X="619" Y="22" Width="16" Height="16"> </Element>
    <Element ID="Barter_window_title_bar_low" X="4" Y="663" Width="633" Height="37"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
    <Element ID="BarterList_Container" X="0" Y="16" Width="642" Height="684">  <!-- +210 -->
      <Element ID="BarterList_Listbox" X="10" Y="74" Width="610" Height="572"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
      <Element ID="BarterListbox_Scrollbar" X="625" Y="74" Width="10" Height="572">  <!-- +210 -->
        <Element ID="scroll_bottom_field" X="0" Y="562" Width="10" Height="10"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
        <Element ID="UpButton" X="0" Y="562" Width="10" Height="10"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
        <Element ID="DownButton" X="0" Y="0" Width="10" Height="10"> </Element>
        <Element ID="scroll_top_field" X="0" Y="0" Width="10" Height="10"> </Element>
        <Element ID="widget" X="0" Y="10" Width="10" Height="552"> <!-- +210 -->
          <Element ID="widget_top_field" X="0" Y="0" Width="10" Height="10"> </Element>
          <Element ID="widget_mid_field" X="0" Y="10" Width="10" Height="532"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
          <Element ID="widget_bottom_field" X="0" Y="542" Width="10" Height="10"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
        <Element ID="scroll_middle_field" X="0" Y="10" Width="10" Height="552"> </Element> <!-- +210 -->
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