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Originally Posted by Electronauta
Hello, first, thanks to everyone involved in this page, developers and forum stuff. I use many of the plugins published here, and Im enjoying so much them.

I have searching deep and wide for a plugin that let me know what gear (armour/weapon/jewelrry) carry my others chars, since I have 6, and all around same level.

The utility for this is when crafting time comes, I could check what need to be crafted, for all others chars at once, in each of my professions.

I wonder it could be something like profiles, in one plugin, that we could create, very similar to Tulkas, but let it us to consult it with another char, just opening the plugin, and chosing the right profile.

I dont know if there is something like that already. I was trying to learn how to create a plugin for it, but it seems to be a long road, and maybe there is something done.

Thanks in advance.

Aricandir, Laurelin RP. Lotro.
Short answer: No.

Long answer:
AltInventory used to provide this functionality prior to version 3. Unfortunately, Turbine broke the API function GetEquipment() which allows us to access the player's equipped items. This caused any plugins that used the function to crash the client whenever the plugin was unloaded and in some circumstances when changing zones. In order to isolate the problem and to prevent future issues, all of the non-inventory features were removed from AltInventory and were slated to be published as a separate plugin, AltViewer. Currently, AltViewer does not support equipped items since Turbine has not yet fixed this bug but if they ever do, then AltViewer will again support viewing Alt's equipped items.
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