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Originally Posted by Garan
I've thought it might be neat to tie in stories to some of the NPCs or places that are special but not part of the existing stories - the boy under the steps in Bree, the Cat house in bree (where is the owner?), the rabbit cave, all of the killer bunnies on their bear skin rugs (there are a few scattered about), the cabin with goldilocks and the three bears, the mourners at the old graveyard north of Bree, etc. Lots of fodder for new stories.
I love it. One of the benefits of player produced stories is that they can funny if they want. They can also allow the players a lot more choices if they want, because nothing it going to affect the main story.

Originally Posted by Garan
I've got a 500 LP code floating around that I was planning to give away (I've got a ton of LP stored up on multiple accounts already), perhaps a story contest would be appropriate. If it is popular enough, perhaps you could even get SSG to sponsor prizes for regular, annual (or even more frequent) story contests (they've donated prizes to kin events before).
I wouldn't mind donating to the cause myself, and I suspect SSG will really like the idea. Part of the reason I had the original idea (which has now been improved) was because I thought it could help increase the longevity of the game, possibly even after SSG is done writing stories. Plus, from what I've read in the forums the role playing community has felt somewhat ignored and this might go a long way towards making them happy.

It occurred to me that perhaps we could convince SSG (among other things) to give a title to anyone who enters a story in the contest. I suspect the role players would really like that.

As far as feature creep, I'm sure even the 1.0 version will blow the concept I envisioned out of the water. So while it's fun to talk about bells and whistles I'm certainly not worried about them.

I do look forward to helping promote the plugin though.
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