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Unread 03-24-2008, 10:34 AM
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First, let me give you my deepest apologies. I understand that this is a beta still but your level of patience is unmatched.

Ok so

@Minimap Inquiry

The reason the minimap is not included is because the way I developed the skin requires some XML modification. I took the panel code for the minimap straight out of SkinDictionary.txt and nothing I do seems to adjust the positions and sizes of the panel. I've PMed Frosty, called him for help in multiple threads and I still haven't heard anything. I understand he's a busy guy but until I can accomplish adjusting the minimap panel I cannot include it. IF you guys wanted to:

a) Help me figure out whats up with the minimap panel xml data that would be cool. I'll give whoever helps me out a design credit.

b) Wait for me to develope an entirely new minimap template that doesn't require any respositioning of minimap assets, I could give it a shot.

@ Swarm Vitals

I am honestly taken back by how it still doesn't work. It'll be fixed tonight, I promise. Tonight will be my third attempt at fixing the Swarm Vitals (embarrasing.)

@ Other Missing Assets

Thanks for that feedback and I'll look into it tonight when I fix the Swarm Vitals.

Thanks for being patient. The end result will be worth it.
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