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Originally Posted by Thurallor
On another note, not every possible objective needs to be imagined before something useful can be made. Specific features that are required for a "proof of concept" story could be implemented. Then future stories will provide guidance about what other features are needed.
I 100% agree. I hope I'm not complicating things. I suspect a 1.0 version with a decent first story could spark a lot of interest using only kill counts and /loc (and possibly find target). In fact, I think you could even work with just /loc or just kill count. And if I'm wrong, then it's probably better to find that out before a bunch of work goes into designing complicated parts for the plugin.

What I suspect though, is that custom stories will become a typical feature of large kinship activities. I also suspect even a 1.0 version would be useful for horse races, because now people could be required to reach certain spots, and it would be a little less on the honor system. Additionally I think it could be a cool way to have an "orientation" to a kinship, provide walkthroughs for instances, and provide tours for your house (a way to explain stories or the meaning behind items you've collected).

Now that I think about it, perhaps some sort of race where people run around completing objectives (without any real story, just to showcase what can be done with the 1.0 version) might be a good way to introduce the idea to people at first.
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