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I'll add "Acquire x Barter Currency" to the list of objectives. Although, that does lead to one problem as not everyone has the enhanced wallet, so some users will have some currencies as items in their inventory. Perhaps we can leave it up to the author to set two objectives, "Acquire x Items" or "Acquire x Currency" and add an option in a future version to automatically add both objectives for known currencies - unfortunately, there is no mechanism in the API to determine the item associated with a currency so that list would have to be manually compiled and maintained (new barter currencies are added quite frequently).

One way to deal with the multiple language specific responses is to simply store a language flag in the story indicating which language it was written in and warn the user if they try reading it with a different client. That's certainly workable, at least for version 1.0.

Emotes get a bit tricky because not only do they have different text for each language (and different commands for each language), they can also generate different chat messages depending on who or what you have targeted. There are a couple of solutions, the simplest would seem to be to allow the author to specify multiple chat texts for each chat objective. In the long run that also solves part of the internationalization problem since the author could just include a pattern for each language the story supports.

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