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I had a thought regarding the idea of a ;loc button. Perhaps instead of that, there could be a button that is defined by the writer (on each "page" of the story). That way they could use custom emotes by overriding the text (again I'm not really sure if this is even possible, but based on your other comments I suspect it might be).

/laugh laughs awkward at <target>'s joke.
/lookaround searches the field at ;loc for Glaerdor's sword

Maybe have 2 boxes on the author's side where he defines the button such as:

Button name: <the text on the button displayed to the player>
Button action: <the text sent to the chat box>

Button name: Search
Button action: /lookaround searches the field at ;loc for Glaerdor's sword

That might actually simplify other parts because then the plugin wouldn't have to monitor for a separate location and emote. It could simply monitor for one predefined text that contains both.

Also (unrelated) I realized this plugin might also be a good tool for creating in game tutorials, or something like an orientation for a kinship.

Anyway, I hope I'm being helpful. Feel free to tell me to stop anytime, I realize I'm pretty ignorant about this stuff, so I wouldn't be shocked to be told I don't know what I'm talking about.

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