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Originally Posted by Garan
This isn't really possible with the limits on the Lua API. Equipment stats aren't exposed and the itemId required to provide the tool tips is only exposed during drag/drop operations and the equipment on other players is not exposed at all.
shame, I have more characters and if I want to make new equipment (armor, weapon) I have to put on that character equip to know what to wear.
I thought it was going as I mentioned the 2 applications for OS and I tried the Lotro Character Journal Gadget but it didn't work (after entering the server and character it was looking for the character's name and after about 2 minutes while I was still looking for it) there are plugins to browse the bank, inventory and craft plug-in (RecipeTracker) and these documents to view the contents of the inventory, banks and RecipeTracker in turn can view craft professions more precise recipes that I know on a specific character
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