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Need help how to create shortcuts for plugins.. thanks in advance

Hi everyone, like the title says, I need help creating shortcuts for my plugins Im using now.

The thing is that I'm using several plugins, some of them have their own shortcuts, but many of them, like VirtueView, Festibal Buddy, Lotro ingame Calculator does not have it, so when you close the plugin's windows the only way to recall the plugin is by the chat windows and a command, you know, the usual "/(name of the plugin) show" command.

So, I've trying to add a shorcut for each of these plugins into the quickslot bars, so when I trick on it, the plugin itself would opens automatically saving me to write each time in the chat all over again, but I'm missing something, or perhaps is just nor possible to do.

So far, what I do is to write the following command:

/shortcut 1 /(name of the plugin), and nothing happens, I suspect it has to do with the fact that "show" doesnt appear anywhere.

Any advice could be really appreciated, thanks in advance, and sorry for my english, is my second language,

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