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Originally Posted by eloyolo
I'm not familiar with that plugin or software you talk about, however Ive been using


LOTRO Plugin Compendium

check it out, its been updated and sound like what you're looking for (or maybe not, you say you've checked alternatives, if you haven't tried this one, give it a shot)
DOH! I actually had LPC downloaded but forgot to install it and try it out. I've been on a plugin/skin download frenzy as well as trying to learn Lua and a few other projects for the forums and I just plain missed it. This is actually much more functional than Plugin Assistant although I still like the clean uncluttered look of PA, and when a manual install is needed (like for the plugins unsupported by LPC), PA's drag&drop function is unbeatable - still wish I could figure out what broke it so suddenly.

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up eloyolo. Much appreciated.
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