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Originally Posted by wmrojer
Saying that the "small" items aren't used for anything but guild rep is wrong.
For scholar's they are used for making the Guild Dye Recipes.
And you can also combine 7 Small into 1 Medium in your guild hall.
This is true.

However, most folks concerned with attaining Guild Rep usually aren't interested in crafting anything but -- "Raid Gear!"

One useful "side line" for your spread sheet would be a Sheet(s) defining exactly WHAT those different guild items ARE used for other than Rep.
I believe there are very few items like the Guild Dye Recipes -- most are involved in creating multiple items or "auto-crits" for gear.
But that "analysis" is based solely on "memory," which as a member of The Old Timers Guild, is subject to "senior" moments.

I suspect that the folks in the OTG Crafting Group would find this information both useful and informative. And will point this out to them.
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