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Unread 05-08-2007, 11:46 AM
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Minimalist UI

Would it be posible for a minimalist UI to be done up? Something that involves smaller UI componants for just about everything from bags to group window.

Also would like it if that huge bulky tool bar at the bottom of the page could be split up. So that the different componants were independantly dragable.

If this is not posible with current mechanicas would it be posible to turn invert the tool bar so that it can be put at the top of the screen instead of the bottom where it would be less obtrusive?

Also would like it if the self, target, and groupmember icons could be done without a portrait. I honestly don't need a closeup of these in order to play.

I have to play at 1280x1040 and the current UI takes up way too much of my screen. Many of these sugestions would aleviate some of the problems.
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