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Originally Posted by crazygonuts
I can't read any of the fonts in game because they're too small, so I'm trying to write a small little mod to increase their size. The simplest way I can see to do that would be if I could replace SetFont in TextBox and just have it pick a larger font than the one passed in. It seemed like a longshot but I figured I might as well ask and see if there was a way I could replace that method or if those are completely inaccessible. Thanks for any replys.
Here's the problem. Unlike some other games, LotRO's interface isn't written in Lua, so the Lua API cannot do anything with existing LotRO UI elements. You can add as many different windows/panels etc, and duplicate existing LotRO UI elements; but even the native Turbine.UI.Lotro elements are the same thing - replications of the existing UI elements. The easiest way to see this is just by creating a Turbine.UI.Lotro.Window. You'll notice that the title bar does not behave the same way as actual Lotro Windows do. It will continue to expand, regardless of how big the window is - even though the title bar of "real" windows only get to about 255px wide.

So short answer? Nothing you can do in Lua, or will ever be able to, will ever change a single existing UI element in the game. The best we'll ever be able to do is to override the display of such elements, and use the necessary data to display that element how we would like. The implementation of Lua in LotRO is more or less its own separate entity, getting only information the game itself is set up explicitly to give.
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