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If the plugins load but do not show their own internal images, the problem is not with the plugins but rather with the game not being able to access the image files. It is a bit odd that it seems to be able to access the .lua files just fine but not the .jpg and .tga files.

One of two things has likely occurred. First is a possible permissions issue from the upgrade to Windows 8 however I see that you already removed the folder and redownloaded the plugins so this is no longer a likely candidate (although with inherited permissions it is still possible). The other issue might have to do with file associations - it shouldn't have anything to do with it, but I have seen other Windows 8 users report that having files associated with the default Windows image viewer can cause them to fail to load in other applications - you can try associating the .jpg and .tga files with a third party application such as Irfanview or Paint.Net and see if that helps. FWIW, I have .jpg files set to open with Irfanview for viewing and Windows paint for editing and .tga files associated with Paint.net for viewing and editing.

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