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Okay. I am aware of the ;loc function. That is good to work out where you are currently standing. But say I am at 22.3s 36.4w and I want to find the location 45.8s 20.4w I run into trouble. I can work out an approximation of where that might be, but I need to go there and then continue to spam ;loc to make sure I get it right. I wanted to find a mod that would show those co-ordinates on the cursor of the map, much like in World of Warcraft so I knew exactly where I needed to go in seconds literally.

I find it surprising that people aren't lining the forums consistantly complaining about this lack of functionality. I heavily rely on co-ordinates in WoW to communicate locations to people and to find quest locations using sources such as Allakazam. To often do I find a quest like one that says you will find the berries in the Valley behind the house. Well the quest location was in a valley, but wasn't behind the house.

Edit: thesynth posted a weblink to a dynamic website that shows the map, locations and co-ordinates seperately from the game but to the extent that a player should be able to approximate the location fairly easily.

The link to the post is here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=60055

The link to the dynamic web link is here: http://mehq.net/dynmap/index.php


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