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Originally Posted by Apothecary
One of the annoying things about LOTRO is that the quest descriptions are not often straight forward. I find myself on occasion looking at Allakhazam's website trying to find out exactly where I am supposed to go. When players link map co-ordinates I often find myself pulling out my hair because I don't know where those co-ordinates are. I can guess by looking at places I have discovered and finding the middle point, but it often takes more time than I want.

Has anyone made any mods or working on any that show the co-ordinates of the mouse pointer so you can work out exactly where something is in a matter of second?

I had a search but could not find anything. If someone knows of any please let me know and link to it if you could as well. I would greatly appreciate it.
Okay, first, we cannot right now make mods that show locs. I know there is a command for it in game, but I am not sure what it is, I don't use them. Which leads me to the second part, look at your manual, I know there is a command for it ... maybe /loc - really not sure.

Good luck,
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